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Aaron has blondish-reddish hair (depends on the light though its usually red) and large hazel eyes. Many people say he's adorable and he wears kitty hoodies and T-shirts.


Lots of people describe Aaron as sweet and kind. He tries his hardest to make others happy and is selfless. He can get scared easily and is pretty sensitive but can be tough if his friends need him to be. He's also really creative and can be pretty random, especially with those little noises he makes. He is an artist and very skilled with graphic designing.


Aaron kind of grew up in DD and was one of Lotus' experiments at one point but then was able to escape and continue on the Off Gridders for his brother.


Powers & Abilities

Aaron doesn't fight a lot these days so he doesn't use his scythe anymore. He's a full blood angel and can heal people and do other things but he doesn't really use his powers often.


He has a deep respect for Noemi, Sibrel, and Dreyus and he calls them his senpais. He's also good friends with Ari, Jamie and Mal. Ryule is also his husband. He has seven children, Aliska, Seyzmon, Sadao, Nixie, Uriah, Dio and Jonas.


  • "Every person is a good person, you just need to give them time!"
  • "I am the Kawaii King!"
  • "Ohayo gozaimasu!"
  • "Mewwww"
  • "But that's mean..."
  • "I just want all of my friends to be happy!"
  • "I am like the item exchange mob boss."


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