11 - 17 - 14

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Hello everybody!!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

So I met Dreyus face to face in DD and she's really nice. Most of her crew is nice too but i think zeke hates me....and Myroshina came back o(-`д´- 。) HE IS SO CREEPY LIKE ALL HE DOES IS TOUCH ME AND WHISPER THINGS LIKE "I'm going to have you Aaron-san" "I love you Aaron-san" "be mine forever" Just no man no

11 - 18 - 14

i'm done with everything the kawaii king is dead

goodbye wiki people

11 - 23 - 14

thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday um...everything seems okay-ish....yeah I'm finally 15 so woo (* >ω<)

12 - 7 - 14

i'm confused, am i bad or good? is my art good or bad? should i die or stay alive? i just dont know at this point

12 - 9 - 14

i scare away all my friends

12 - 13 - 14

sooooooooo everything's been going pretty good i just wish collin would stop trying to plan Ryule and my wedding. we just met. ummmmmmm i think cuddles (clare) has a crush on me but........the HTF people are leaving tonight ;( I'm kinda sad cuz i just met them and all....and anya's pretty close to dead (yay i guess) and that's all i got. i'm really bored sonce i have no practice or lessons or anything today....

i also realized most of my posts seem bipolar some are super sad and others are so kawaii.......i guess in a way i am bipolar. :P

12 - 17 - 14

people yell too much

12 - 23 - 14

a lot has happened, ryule got raped and drugged by Lotus but he's okay now...ryule got 7 different kinds of snakes and they freak everyone out, we went shopping and stuff around town (my crew and dreyus' crew) and no one is really amped for the holidays except cinnamon. but at least we're all okay for now, i'm just worried about the end, what will happen to all of us?

1 - 2 - 15

I wanted to adopt all the kids there at the orphanage....but obviously i can't take care of over 300 kids so i had to choose....we adopted a little girl who is the cutest thing ever!!! she has freaking pigtails and this big warm smile and i just love her to death and we named her Alishka , then we also adopted two boys, one is blond with a big personality and lots of curiosity, he's Seyzmon, and then the other boy has darker hair and is very quiet and he's sort of emo but I still think he's amazing, he's named yeah me and rye are so happy and thank god no one scared the kids far...

1 - 4 - 15

I had to explain some things to the kids...but it's all good. Urishia finally came too I think she thought I'd be some war hardened warrior or something because when rye introduced us she seemed kinda surprised

1 - 9 - 15

we all took a visit to mal's palace...his dad is such a bastard to him...and hell is like a nicer version of america 0.0 its so crazy

1 - 11 - 15

sadao has some...interesting powers it seems....

1 - 13 - 15

almost died but i'm okay for now...i need to figure out what to do about sadao and i also need to work out things with rye....gosh everything is going downhill...

1 - 14 - 15

gay guy club is done......

1 - 15 - 15

I'm fed up with these setbacks and these twists and these turns

Resorting to hoping that this world finally burns

I’ll do anything for a day of peace and of love

Let bones and horrors rain down from above

Let this hell vanish from the place where it stands

Anything to heal the deep cuts on my hands

Sick of the hatred and sick of the pain

The demons keep living long after they’re slain

Sickened by madness and sickened by fear

Is the day of our deaths almost near?

I fear for her health and I fear for her mind

So many tragedies in such little time

I’ll kill all the evil and kill all the sorrow

Maybe I’ll make us a better tomorrow

Children aren’t innocent, children aren’t good

Some have killed and killed just cause they could

This blood on my hands is for justice I swear

Look away now, please just don’t stare

The monster is rising within me I fear

The day of my death is practically here

“Death by madness” the certificate shall say

This is what happens when you let monsters play

Among the angels and humans that run pure

She taught them this evil she was their lure

I’d do anything to free them of this wretched world

Kill myself, shots fired, noose tightened

On the brink of death my senses are heightened

I hear their tears years in the future

But it will be worth it to be free of this creature

1 - 16 - 15

i'm such a terrible dad

1 - 19 - 15

life is goooo! \(^○^)人(^○^)/

1 - 23 - 15

why the fuck do i even have this thing?

2 - 2 - 15

a final tribute to the kid that was

Where do you go with this?

My little bird amiss

Lost in the darkness

Utterly hopeless

The men are coming

So why aren’t you running?

They are the heartless

They will make you one of them

Oh no not this again!

Little bird just fly away

I can tell this isn’t your day

With their shotguns and their needles

They may make you feel so feeble

Watch the blades digging in

Blood is seeping onto the floor

Soon your humanity will be no more

Like holy crap it's an actual song like how did I make this and I can actually sing it the world is ending

2 - 19 - 15

We've walked and drawn our lines

We've put our weapons down

No vision's turned to gold

And now we're blacking out

(Now we're blacking out)

So we pull our feet off the gravel and stone

And the season starts it's gonna be unknown

Be unknown

Imaging we are higher than the sparrows

Casually we're breathings with the pharoahs

Tragically we fall just like the arrows

You will hear our voices echo


We'll never part of the soul


Forever singing oh, oh, oh, oh


And the future won't spill our bones


Forever singing oh, oh, oho

We're dancing through the smoke

And we don't mind the flames

Now we've become the ghosts

That you know by name

High, high, high, high

Imaging we are higher than the sparrows

Casually we're breathings with the pharaohs

Tragically we fall just like the arrows

You will hear our voices echo


We'll never part of the soul


Forever singing oh, oh, oh, oh


And the future won't spill our bones


Forever singing oh, oh, oho

Now you know why, now you know

You don't know

Now you know why, now you know

You don't know


And the future won't spill our bones


Forever singing oh, oh, oho

2 - 21 - 15

welp....i have seen heaven hell and purgatory.......i should write a book about it :D jk....still its weird.......

3 - 20 - 15

I NEED HELP BUT I CAN'T FIND HELP AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!! THERE'S BLOOD EVERYWHERE AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE AND RYE RYE SAN MIGHT NOT MAKE IT SOMEONE HELP ME GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please I need help or else I don't think I'll ever be getting married. Please someone anyone see this!

3 - 21 - 15

Okay so I got help from a seamstress lady named Genya who knew Ryule from when he was younger....the wedding's obviously not going to happen today, we moved it to next saturday. We're also going to have to stay with Genya for the weekend because rye had to get special stitches to close up the gash in his stomach (he got cut open by a starshot) and he can't move for at least 48 hours. but at least he's alive so thats good

4 - 3 - 15


4 - 8 - 15

I had some trouble last night but I'm good now! rye's staying home with me so i'm really happy. its also a special day for rye, but he doesnt want me to tell anyone. XP

4 - 17 - 15

Sadao's in a coma....


Also I am so very very very happy to tell you all that the wonderful Sadao Horrace Mortiver is alive and well and he will continue to grace us all with his presence for many more years to come. He is just simply too precious and wonderful and I don't know if we could've continued living without him.

4 - 23 - 15

I'm just so honestly confused about myself and what I really want in life. I want everyone to be happy but to do that I want to sacrifice myself which would only make everyone that plan doesn't work....then I try to help people but they push me away then they get angry when I go to extremes in an effort to help but....they wont accept my help any other way. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore. I want to just give up, y'know? But if I give up then NO ONE will be happy so I have to keep pushing myself...but I'm not sure how much more I can take. With everything going on with me I just don't know what to do.

My mom's chemo isnt working, my dad's getting desperate, I'm still technically homeless...

4 - 25 - 15

I HAVE MET SOMEONE THAT I CAN SERIOUSLY CALL THE CRAZIEST FAN EVER. she kidnapped me, rambled on and on about how perfect I was, showed me her shrine to me, then introduced me to this kid she had been fucking with that she called "our dream son". she has bashed that kid with some crazy chemicals to make him "in my image" then at one point she knocked me out and tore off sections of my flesh and SEWED IT ONTO THE POOR KID. but i was able to escape from there with the boy. he says his name's jonas but he was a street kid before and thats how cassy got him.

I am just so freaking revolted that someone would actually try to fuck up another human being like that. why couldn't she have just done it to herself? she didnt need to drag an innocent kid into her delusions.

5 - 7 - 15

i'm a security guard now making $4 an hour!

6 - 4 - 15

ME AND RYE GOT A BABY YAY!!!!!!!!!! The baby is 100% ours [still not sure how exactly] courtesy of KJRH... I have no idea who they are still, but they seem to be doing only good stuff for us

7 - 11 - 15

so excited and happy and kawaii like fuck yeah!!!!!!

7 - 22 - 15

To all meh senpais: I am your Kouhai! I finally found out the word for it!!!!!!

7 - 27 - 15

( >ω<) i got hugged by splendy and slendy

8 - 23 - 15

a lot happened last night....Ryule's in the hospital now and some doctors are running some tests to figure out what's wrong with him. He's been forgetting stuff and he hasnt been acting himself and well I'm afraid he has something really bad....

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