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Aerominn is hard to looks like a man in some aspects, but like a woman in others. Hard, blue, male eyes, small female nose, a man's cocky grin, dark, curling, blue hair that goes down to its waist like a woman's, a man's flat all reality Aerominn could look like a man or a woman depending on its preferences and the situation. Usually though, Aerominn looks more feminine, simply because wearing a dress is a bit more comfortable than wearing a hot suit.


Aerominn is cool, calm, friendly, and rarely gets upset. It prefers to be charming and polite, rather than brash and arrogant like most Nobles in Leneur. It usually can be very playful and curious but not pressing and demanding. Aerominn also has a strange side to it, where all it will say is riddles and questions, unable to actually speak like it usually does. Some think this may be signs of Deterioration, others say it's simply Aerominn's alternate personality.


Aerominn is a whole slew of things, a mage, a chaneller, a Glamour expert, a transien, a necromancer, an animal whisperer, and an Asembler. All of these powers are extremely well developed. Usually Aerominn relies on its magick when it comes to fighting, but it also uses its blue fire and Transien capabilities.


Aerominn is Mikki's mentor and a sort of parental figure to Luisa. It is also highly respected by all the citizens of Leneur.


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