Aj, as he's more commonly called, is a lewd shifter who made a place for himself on Dreyus' crew.


He usually has dark hair and glowing green snake eyes, but his appearance is subjective due to him being a shifter. He has pale skin and is tall, opting for semi-formal wear in an attempt to be sophisticated. He also tends to transform into a black hound, a raven, and a black snake.


Aj prefers to be mysterious and talks in riddles. To him it's amusing to watch everyone's confused expressions as he circles around their questions. He is keeping a lot of secrets that Dreyus will most likely never find out. This will also always make him somewhat untrustworthy. He is also slightly perverted and hits on a lot of girls. He attempts to be suave and sexy, but comes off as trying too hard. But when a fight comes by, Aj always fights on The Dreyms' side.

Abilities & Powers

Aj relies on his shifter skills in battle, never bothering with actual weapons. Why buy a gun when you can be a gun? He can turn into pretty much anything that's a solid object. This means he can also mimic the appearance of anyone, which can sometimes make for...interesting scenarios.


Aj is Shape Shifter Guy's brother, but they didn't really grow up together. While SSG was being raised like most shifter kids Aj was being put through brutal work. He finally found his big break when Dreyus came along. He'll fight as many hellhounds as necessary, all of it beat the things he had to do as a kid to support his family.


Aj is SSG's older brother. He's currently single and isn't really close with anyone.


  • "Mmmmm. I seeeeee."
  • "I'm not creepy, just eccentric."



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