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Akira Fumikaro

Akira is a member of Indigo Fire and one of Noemi's closest friends.


Akira (Indigo Fire)

Akira on a normal day

Akira has long black hair that reaches down to her waist. Her name means "intelligent" in Japanese. She always wears dark colors with the exception of red and has very pale skin. She has a good fashion sense though, and always has on what she calls "the scene best" unless she is doing military work. She shops at gothic and emo stores and has a variety of piercings as well. Her nails are never seen not painted black and she also wears shades from time to time.


Akira is pretty social but does have a quiet side. More often than not, the other band members of Pure Infinity Insanity can get her out of her shell if she's having a moment. Otherwise, she will sass people frequently and sees sarcasm as a second language, but in a playful way and she doesn't intend to be hurtful. Despite this she is nice and extremely loyal to her friends. She is always there to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on if someone on the crew is feeling down. Due to her own past, Akira understands what it feels like to be depressed and offers her support to groups with other people who suffer from it.

Akira 2

Abilities & Powers

Akira was trained in throwing knives and blades by Noemi and can use a pistol. She has great reflexes and is a good fighter for a human with no elemental or supernatural powers. She mostly works training soldiers in the armies now and helping out with support groups. She is known for being a loyal soldier and is always on the lookout for her friends. Akira is the lead guitarist of Pure Infinity Insanity, and one of her favorite pastimes is going to the riff-offs with the band to compete against other artists for money and bets.



Akira 3

Akira is currently single and one of Noemi's best friends in dd. She is also close to Koke, one of Noemi's children in the manner that they like the same music. Otherwise, she has a lot of friends but she sees Noemi's band as a sort of family since she doesn't see her father much and her mother was murdered when Akira was young.


  • "Bitch please have you seen Andy Biersack?"
  • "If you don't get out of this tour bus I'll chuck one of Kuro's drumsticks at you."


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