Alexandria is good friends with *Noemi and Sibrel and is currently staying at Indigo Fire Headquarters. She is usually referred to by others as Alex for short.

*Though they aren't related, Alex is a part of Noemi's crew, Noemi considers her to be a younger sister



Alex has long, straight, black hair that reaches right at her waist and messy side bangs to seal the deal. Her hair is one of her most attractive features- Especially since she hates getting it mussed up. She stands at an average height for a girl her age and also puts a lot of care into her appearance. Alex also has emerald colored eyes that seem to pierce through a person when they look through them. She loves accessories, especially bows and headbands.


Alex is pretty shy, usually around people. At the same time, she can be a total chatterbox. Things that catch her attention and interests are things she will most likely talk non-stop about. Alex also has a huge fascination with ducks for some peculiar reason, claiming them to be her spirit animal. She has a huge problem understanding sarcasm (being very gullible) and a lot of other topics, and is absolutely clueless from time to time. She is a very sensitive person and will get upset easily, but tries her absolute best to be positive and


happy. Even though Alex can be a bit in the dark when it comes to some things, she is a very sweet person and cares about her friends deeply. She loves her family and friends and will be there for them. Alex also enjoys getting to know people and making new friends.

Abilities & Powers

Alex has the ability to fly and can see visions. It is suspected that in DD, her free spirit can come out in the form of her power to fly. Most of her visions are through the eyes of others in dreams; and she usually re-lives one of their memories in the dream. Sometimes the visions are of people she knows, and other times she never figures out who they are. In fact, Alex started having dream visions before she woke up and slowly was able to wake up as herself. She is also very flexible with her movements; leading her to consider being a dancer. Another good side quality is her ability to accessorize. Alex usually always knows how to find a good-looking and stylish outfit to go out in and keeps her hair in very good condition. This gives off a sort of classy vibe and shows that she cares greatly about her presentation. However, she is not a materialistic person. Alex has a very spiritual sense and likes to think deeply. She is far from shallow, isn't quick to judge, and it is said to run in her family to have paranormal/spiritual encounters. She is believed to have inherited some of those sorts of traits through her blood.



She helps Fawn watch Noemi's children a lot of the time and enjoys playing games with them. She lives with Noemi and considered to be her sister, especially in the eyes of the Darkness royal court.


• "I'm a flapper dapper boop boop a-doo"

• " Wait-wait... is it diet bleach?"

• " If you say, rise up lights it sounds like an Australian saying razor blades"

• "I hope he (Hario) eats a moldy cakepop." -Alex, 2017

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