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Aliska is one of Aaron and Ryule's adopted daughters and is one of the youngest of their children.


Aliska is a five year old girl with blonde hair that she keeps in pigtails and large hazel eyes. She's small, even for a child so young and usually has a large smile on her face.


Aliska is still young and innocent. She doesn't really remember her past. She's adorable and sweet and asks some of the cutest questions. She's also extremely friendly. Sometimes she can be very clueless.


Aliska was living in a foster home until Aaron and Ryule adopted her. The foster home wasn't very ideal and she prefers not to talk about it. While she was there she stuck around Seyzmon a lot and was one of the top picks to get adopted.


Aliska is human and doesn't fight because she's too young. She hopes to be a healer when she's older and wants to become the 'Kawaii Queen'.


She is Ryule and Aaron's adopted daughter. Sadao, Uriah, Nixie, Jonas, Dio and Seyzmon are her siblings. Reyn is like a sister to her but is actually her aunt.


  • "Hi!"
  • "Hey! Hey! Am I cute?"


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