She's one of the children adopted by The Dreyms and can see spirits.


Alissa has light brown, wavy hair and light green-blue eyes. She also has a light dusting of freckles.


Alissa isn't really surprised by anything and can't really be caught off-guard. She just seems to know things long before they happen. She also tends to have her head in the clouds and lives in her own little world. She's kind but doesn't talk much, she only speaks up when there's danger. She tends to keep to the background a lot. The other girls look to her for information.

Abilities & Powers

Alissa has the ability to see spirits and she can also sense a person's personality and see their aura. Because of this she is sometimes brought in to tell if a person is lying or to see if they're trustworthy.



She was one of the girls kidnapped by the Garnet Blood Brothers but was later rescued and brought to live with the Dreyms. She doesn't really like speaking about her prior family.


She is close friends with Stella


  • "..........Oh, what?"
  • "..."
  • "Nothing, I just saw something really funny. No, you can't see it. It's a spirit seer only thing."
  • "It's so weird knowing that no one sees what I can see."


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