Allev used to be a sort of twin to Mal. His soul was previously intertwined with his.


Allev has tanned skin and is a bit tall, but is nowhere near as tall as his brothers. He has freckles and dark red hair that is a bit closer to being brown, and blue eyes.


Allev is Mal’s opposite in many ways. He is extremely gentle and kind, and tries hard not to upset others. He is also considerate and thoughtful, and, when compared to Mal, is significantly quieter. Allev is also slightly more religious than Mal, and he clings to Aaron more. Yet, the two seem similar enough to the point that in the beginning the Dreyms couldn't distinguish the two.

Powers & Abilities

Allev currently doesn't have any abilities due to his new body. It is unknown if he'll develop more or not.


Allev used to share a body with Mal, but was given his own body.


Malphas, Notrine, and Arc are his brothers. Allev also hangs out with Aaron often.


  • "We're like THISSSSSSSS."
  • "Sometimes I wish I had my own body so that way I could bitch slap people."
  • "I'm Mal's fabber side."
  • "I hope I can look super kawaii punk one day like Eros. That's practically my dream."


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