Just a fair warning, this story will probably going to hit home for a few people if they read it, but it's a valid tale to add to our archive. If you are sensitive to topics regarding Lotus or the war in general, do not read this page. I did my best to piece together the story with the memories and information I've acquired so far. If anyone has any information they would like to add and they were not deeply close to Lotus, please ask me before you edit this page since the story should be true and told with more fact than opinion. There are a lot of variations since the story has been passed down for over a thousand years and a lot of lies told about it. Being that I have the memories and that I played a part in Lotus's life, I will take it upon myself to write about her childhood to educate other Conscious if they wish to know. As I said before, I will do my best to make the story as true as possible


Many centuries ago into the past, around the year 1805 in Reality, the king and queen of the Angel Kingdom in the dream dimension were about to see their first child and the would-be heir to the throne. In Reality the country of America was just beginning with the second president, Thomas Jefferson sworn into office a few months before, Beethoven's symphony No. 3 was released, and in a few weeks time Napoleon would be crowned King of Italy. It was May 10th on rather cool day in dd, and in Heaven the sky was as beautiful as ever. Queen Azelia and King Themin waited patiently for the nurses to bring in their new baby, whom they knew already was a girl. Minutes before, Themin had been pacing outside in the corridor as nurses rushed in and out to fetch clean cloth and warm water. When he was invited in to see his wife at last, she looked exhausted but let him sit beside her bed. The couple then looked over their list of names and decided to name their child Almine.

A few minutes later, a rather shocked looking nurse came in with a bundle wrapped tightly in a pink blanket and handed it to Queen Azelia. The queen looked under the blanket and screeched instantly. "This cannot be!" the queen exclaimed, rubbing her bleary eyes. The king looked for himself and a petrified yelp escaped from him, "A cursed child!" The baby before him had hair as black as onyx and eyes like cold grey stones.

She was so pale she gave off a blueish hue and she was skinny, even for an infant. All the same her eyes were bright with innocence and she held up her tiny hands towards the light and her parents. The queen refused to look at the child while feeding her soon after, Azelia and Themin had already mentally made their decision about Almine when they had seen her eyes and hair. She would not become the heir to the Angel throne.

"She is cursed," Themin stated, "No baby of our's could be born with black hair."

"And those eyes," Azelia added, "Too terrifying and not beholding for a queen."

All the same the king and queen were afraid of what the infant was capable of and they knew they couldn't abandon her. They agreed that they would raise Almine, but they would soon have another child to become their heir. Little did they know that they were playing right into the hateful hands of the famous witch, Cossette Marie-Angela Bloodwood who had hexed the unborn baby out of spite. The witch could not have children of her own because an angel had forbade her after she killed her husband in a magic duel. Witches and wizards have always been discriminated against, and hateful magic-users like Cossette got their revenge through cursing, hexing, and developing poisons and potions to kill their enemies. The Bloodwood family in particular had been known to cause a terrible ruckus every once and awhile with magic duels over unimportant things like not being invited to dinner parties, having the woods on their land invaded by children of neighbors, and in one case a cow drowning in a river on another neighbor's land. Now, Cossette Bloodwood bewitched the Angel princess Almine to look the exact opposite of angel standards. She would not have light hair and pretty colored eyes like the rest of her family. She would grow to be neglected by her parents and hated for the black hair that hung like tar and the soulless grey eyes that turned a sickly gold when she was angry. Princess Almine would be told she was an embarrassment, the black sheep of the family, a weak link, a freak, and worst of all Almine would always be reminded that she would never fit the perfect family standard. This was exactly what Cossette Bloodwood wanted, and it was exactly what she got.

From a young age, the princess was left alone or cared for by servants. Sometimes her parents did not even let her sit with them at the dinner table. Almine did not understand what was wrong, nor did she think much of not seeing her parents. She learned to play alone and not ask questions. She instead observed things and listened to gain information. She was reserved and quiet, just like her parents had wanted her to be. Almine was also not allowed outside. Instead she amused herself around the castle, mostly reading books and sitting and thinking. Even as a little girl, Almine took a great interest in science, which was taboo in her strictly religious family. She wondered how things worked, how plants and animals developed without magic or miracles, why people looked the way they did, how people's minds worked, what the world around her was made of. Most of all Almine wondered why she did not look like her parents. She was not a miracle and she knew it. She had seen old tapestries of past generations, looked at portraits, and she did not look like anyone in her family. But young Almine did not ask questions, and let the thought prickle at the back of her mind as she grew older.

When her younger sister, Maia was born. Everything changed. When the baby was born, Almine was to keep out of the way in all circumstances. She was not to go into the bigger and fancier room that was her sister's and was not to ask the maids for things until her new sister had been satisfied. Almine saw her new sister for the first time two years later at the dinner table. Azelia fawned over the infant and Themin smiled proudly at the baby while cutting up his carrots. As Almine sat down, her parents did not even realize she was there and Almine didn't dare look at her salad before the other plates were brought to the table. Almine only dared take a bite when her parents had begun eating as well. After a

few minutes of silence aside from the various chewing noises and clinking of silverware, Themin cleared his throat. "Have you anything to say, Almine?" his voice echoed throughout the large hall. Almine swallowed the piece of radish that she had in her mouth whole and wiped her mouth with a napkin. "Of what are you referring to father?" Almine asked. Themin let out a small grunt of annoyance, "Your sister, of course. What else?" Almine's eyes swept from her father to her sister in the high chair and she fixated her gaze upon the rosy cheeked, blue eyed, blonde-haired baby who was nonchalantly picking at her green beans. She looked the exact opposite of Almine who had seen but one picture of herself as a baby on the mantel in one the family's living-rooms. "She doesn't look like me at all." Almine murmured and speared a forkful of salad. Azelia looked over, "She looks perfect, Almine. That is all that matters."

These words would play through Almine's mind for years and years. After dinner that night, she had many questions. If her sister looked perfect, was her mother telling her that Almine looked imperfect? What was perfect? And if Almine looked the opposite of perfect, how did she become this way if all the other members in her family looked perfect including her newborn sister? Had blessing skipped over her? Why, of all the people in the world, did Almine have to be imperfect-looking?

These questions plagued her as the years went by and Maia soon became the favored child.

Unfortunately for Almine, Maia learned to abuse her status as the better child. She took to ignoring the lanky, raven-haired sister who always frowned and if she was pretending that Almine did not exist, she was teasing her. Maia was taught to belittle her sister by their parents, who wanted to teach Maia the importance of her status over 'poisoned and ungodly people'.

In Almine's adolescent years, she found ways to practice science without bothering anyone. In her room she experimented with the chemicals used to wash the dishes and such. Almine experimented on everything. One of her favorite things was chemical compounds. She loved combining things to make other things. Some say this was her true start to evil, but I say she could have just been a good scientist if anyone supported her to go on the good path.

Meanwhile, young Maia was the most popular at school and Almine was not. In fact, most people stayed away from the older princess. Almine didn't seem to care very much, but she didn't have any friends and no one frankly liked being around her. Maia had many boyfriends in middle school and high school, but never seemed to be able to keep one.

Whenever Maia tried to tease Almine about her single status, Almine calmly remarked that her sister could not make any of her love endeavors successful. This lead to many sisterly arguments in which Almine was always blamed and punished.

After high school, things went sour for the family. The king and queen were growing older and needed to chose their heir. They had been too afraid to have more children after Maia in case another ended up cursed, and they were convinced she would be the perfect queen. Once Almine had learned of her parents' decision, she was furious. It was said she even refused to attend her sister's coronation and argued frequently over the matter. She was the eldest daughter, and therefore she would have been the choice for a heir. However, no one approved, and she was not given the crown. Terribly angered and hurt, Almine tried to make a new life when she married Robin, her first husband. They adopted two children and she joined the council of Elders to try to full-fill her need for power and influence.

This did not last long. Almine fell deeper into her hunger for more as things became hectic with the Elders. Finally, around 18 years ago, the Elders disbanded. Robin left Almine and their children ran away, to which she followed and ended up killing her daughter. The boy managed to escape, but not without seeing what had been done. (The children later grew up to be Ryule and Reyn.) Almine had finally gone mad, and became a fallen angel. It is said that even as her wings grew as black as her hair and soul, she bore a smile.

The next bits of her life were a bit of a blur. In her descent into madness, she conquered as much as she could. The East shut it's borders, the Southern Republic put up such a fight that she gave up, but the NES and what is now Moxidius were not as lucky. Changing her name to Lotus, she managed to pull both countries under her control. Building various small labs all over the territories and learning more and more, Lotus had created an empire of slaves to experiment on. Her laboratories got bigger and bigger, and more people were dragged into the white-tiled hells to feel the wrath of their tyrant. Lotus aimed to build super-soldiers, over-powered elementals, mutant slaves, new species of plants and animals, and destroy the weak human image she saw in her people. As her technology improved, so did her creations, and eventually she made enough to build a master laboratory.

They called it the Infinity- Ten floors, endless side wings, and the ground that separated gore and glamour. From the outside, it looked like a beautiful white mansion. Five floors of looming beauty in the desolation of what was Moxidius. It was next to a waterfall, which lead to a gorge. A vast garden surrounded the estate, it looked like a picture-perfect rich household. Inside the top floors were the utmost luxury-only the finest for the tyrant queen. Below though, was the possibly the most horrible scene of the war. The bottom five floors extended deep into the underground with many wings branching off the main compound. Thousands of packages of chemicals and tools were brought in daily, and the people inside were virtually slaves to Lotus. She made many experiments and tested every theory she had. Giving people extra body parts, mixing in animal DNA with human to create more weres, and psychological modification were barely the tip of the iceberg in Lotus's studies.

In Moxidius at the time, there was utter anarchy. Fighting arenas were as common as drugstores, crime rates soared, the economy plunged, and the only light of day were the crews who defended cities from Lotus and those under her control. With the help of the wealthy Kavik States and the efforts of Harrison Verendix and the rebels, things shaped up for awhile.

Lotus was seething over rebel efforts, but was more focused on finding a heir- and quick. As the country pushed and pulled against her, she merely waved a hand and had others do her dirty work. Various rebels came, fought, and fell, but Lotus was busy with her personal life. She married three men over the course of a few years and gave birth to many children. When it came down to things, she had three promising heirs- Her daughters Reyn (not to be confused with the previously mentioned Reyn), Olivera, and Akane. Olivera emerged as her chosen for about four years. Reyn had already been rejected and nearly killed by Lotus,(then, her name was Meridan, not Lotus) but saved by Maia.

After awhile, Lotus planned to marry Olivera after aging her so the two could lead Lotus's idea of a perfect empire- New Heaven. Things went awfully wrong between the two for mostly unknown reasons, and Lotus ended up rejecting Olivera and Akane. They were both saved by their Aunt Maia as well, and Lotus's name was changed from Meridan to Aylen. Shortly after, Olivera shot herself dead in her aunt's garden for reasons not completely known at the time, many believe she thought she could not have a normal life after the horror she endured. She captured and forced marriage upon a new man, Izzamer, and had one daughter (Lillian, now Nao) who became her heir until the war ended. (For more details on Lotus's daughters, go here and for further explanation on Lillian and her story, go here.)

Things turned to the evil queen's favor from here, and this was when she changed her name to Lotus. Years passed and new crews rose to power. In late 2014, the war finally switched into the hands of the rebels. Powerful crews fought back against Lotus, and a new rebel army which resembled an empire of angry citizens were all giving their all in the movement to take back the West (Moxidius). The rebels were lead by a newly resurrected Olivera, who was now Noemi Li Roux. Lotus weakened under her daughter's attacks, and Noemi was the only one who could drive her away many times. The final straw for the rebels was had when Lotus killed friends of Noemi and a few powerful crews. On the night of December 26th, 2014, the clock of time chimed on Lotus's final hour.

Noemi had gotten her hands on an illegally had star-shot, and put her war plan, Project Pond Lily, into order. Crews from all over the country surged into battle against Lotus's brain-washed experiments. It is not widely known that Lotus knew she would die, preparing new hells for Noemi even after she died, such as the Darkness Kingdom Massacre and the curse of Rose the Daymare angel on the family. Even so, the kingpin of the war had fallen that night, and so did the Infinity.

Noemi went to the mansion after her armies removed any life or useful information/supplies and burned the bottom floors inside out. The top mansion stays intact, but the Infinity lab is burned to ashes...Everything that is, except for Noemi's old cabin room. She didn't have the heart to burn down her old room, and it stays untouched to this day like the rest of the gore-stained estate. Many died on the night of December 26th, and the awful battle ended with blood running like rivers in the streets of Moxidius. The end of Lotus's reign was had, and she remains a silent ghost now, doomed to her confinement under Noemi's watch. The fight in her dissolved like her legacy, forever lost to the sands of time.

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