Amarie is a smart girl who's had a close encounter with death. She was only on the Dreyms for a short time before her sudden 'death' then over a year later returned through miracle circumstances.


Amarie has straight brown hair, dark eyes, and wears glasses. She has a petite frame and light skin. She often wears bright clothes with cutesy patterns, which make her look younger than she actually is.


She can have an attitude at times and is very sassy. She's beginning to master sarcasm and can always be counted on to have some sort of remark towards something. She tends to treat people like they're idiots but isn't overly rude about it. She can be considerate when she needs to be and isn't obnoxious or offensive. She's sort of like Em minus the earth elemental.


She was the second member added to The Dreyms but after a horrible turn of events she died tragically at the hands of Sibrel. Or so everyone thought. Both Amarie and Sibrel were mere shadows of themselves and in actuality Amarie was kidnapped by the Garnet Blood Brothers. Later on through a miracle she was reunited with Ash and Dreyus.

Abilities & Powers

Amarie doesn't fight because she's too young. She prefers to just give encouragement.


She is Ash's and Peony's sister and Dreyus' cousin. She is also very close to Alissa, Russe, and Em.


  • She was the second member to join Dreyus' crew.
  • At first Dreyus wasn't very fond of her, but soon came to love her.
  • Dreyus, and Peony are only related to Amarie through reality.


  • "Most people these days are 70% water and 30% stupid."
  • "Go pay Mal's dad a visit."
  • "I might be small but I can beat the crap out of you!"
  • "Blah, blah, blah, speak logic I can't understand you."


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