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Andrew is the bass player for Pure Infinity Insanity.


Andrew has long black hair that covers his eyes and two large floppy dog ears as well as long, fluffy black tail. He is pale-skinned and has a few piercings. Andrew is pretty tall for his age and he's broad-shouldered and strong, naturally. Andrew has soft, blue-green eyes and mellow nature.


He is mute, so he cannot talk, but he shows his emotions through his music and knows sign-language. Andrew has a kind and mellow nature and prefers not to engage in any violence. He has a slight sassy streak around his friends though, and is very close to the band. He thinks of the crew like his family, but can spend portions of his day alone walking through the woods to find inspiration. He is deeply emotional and has a spiritual side as well. Not only this, but Andrew is honest and sympathetic, as well as a good listener.

Abilities & Powers

Andrew does not fight since he does not believe in violence, but he is a great poet and a fantastic musician. He is a dog were, but not of any specific breed. He doesn't have an official job, but sometimes he helps out with Salem's music classes and does a lot of volunteer work helping people in need. His favorite job to do is build houses and he enjoys working in soup kitchens and shelters for the homeless. He entertains others by playing his music, and is very dedicated to Pure Infinity Insanity and Noemi's Crew. Andrew's most-anticipated activity each day is taking a walk in the woods since he loves nature.


Andrew grew up with a pack of dog weres in Garnet, but was exiled from the pack as a puppy since he wasn't aggressive enough and did not want to fight in the Arenas with his family. Andrew likes to write poetry and play electric bass, classic bass, and acoustic guitar. He managed to salvage his guitar from Garnet up until the time he joined Noemi's Crew and continues to play it. After his devastating exile, Andrew left Garnet and the city life to live as a wild dog in the forest. He was alone for a long time, occasionally joining packs of other canines for short periods of time and traveling as he went. One day he was abducted by Lotus, though, and was experimented on with strength-steroids. He was given super strength and was taxed to his limits working as an experiment. Lotus favored him since he did not speak and acted as a good servant, so he was never sent to fight in Arenas. She kept him as quiet servant and he did heavy-lifting for her and hauled in new experiments for her every now and then. When he met Salem in

the Infinity, they became good friends and eventually Salem freed him. He had not been given a collar, so he was able to escape without harm. A few years later, he and Salem found Noemi when she was at one of her lowest points and brought her home. The two young men joined Indigo Fire after this.


Andrew is liked by everyone on the crew, but he thinks of Noemi's band as his new pack and shares a bond with Salem. The two are unsure if they are lovers or close friends, so they have an on and off relationship. Andrew is friends with the dogs on Noemi's crew and loves walking them, and he frequently lets the children of the crew ride on his back. He acts as a guardian for Purrggh and her pirate crew while they play in the woods, and he keeps an eye on them in case of danger.


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