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She has long brown wavy hair and blue eyes.


She is pretty cheery, but complains a lot about being the only "real human" on the crew. She hates how everyone else on the crew is "superhuman" and she only has control of mallet space. (meanwhile she can pull out anything from a shotgun to a tank) This sometimes gets on Sibrel's nerves, but mostly she just ignores Anne's occasional rants. Though she complains (a lot) she still devotes everything she can to be a part of the crew and defend herself if needed. Being "the only human" on the crew seems to motivate her to try harder and be prepared for anything.


Since she is human (which she will not let anyone forget) she does not have any powers. She doesn't fight much, but she can still use a weapon when she needs to. She is also a master of disguise, and mallet space and an "ex"-pick-pocket.


She is one of D's best friends and is dating Zack.


  • "I'm only human!..Unlike you!" ~Anne


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