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Anthousa is a steampunk robot, meaning her gears and frame work are obviously visible. She's also outfitted with long dark hair and dark gray eyes. She's modeled after a average-sized woman, with her shoulders being slightly broader than average.


She is serious and blank to say the least. Anthousa rarely shows emotion and when she does it is in very faint amounts. She doesn't comprehend sarcasm or jokes and usually is the very awkward one in conversation. She also hates to be touched. But she is extremely loyal to her creator, Calix.


She is one the undiscovered members that Dreyus happened to just stumble upon one day. She was found with Calix in the master bedroom.

Abilities & Powers

She is equipped with almost every weapon imaginable and won't hesitate to use any of them. Also due to her being mechanical she has a good mental capacity and is highly intelligent and helpful.


Calix is her creator and potentially something more to her.


  • "How may I help you?"
  • "Calix please do not touch me."
  • "I am not Siri, do not ask me such stupid questions."
  • "Do not knock the Shouen Mangas. They are quite good."


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