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Aphedas has dark brown-blond hair and sightless, milky-blue eyes. He still wears glasses though, simply for appearances. He usually wears somewhat formal attire consisting of a tie, slacks, and a dress shirt.


He can either be very serious or very comical depending upon his mood. He tends to lean towards comical mostly, simply because his blindess makes for some clever jokes. He can also be somewhat cryptic with certain people such as Dreyus, and at times seems like a real drama queen. Still, he is a very dedicated leader and can be very no-nonsense when needed. He is also full of knowledge and information that he despenses in occasional bursts, living up to his nickname.


He is an extremely powerful telepath and has the abilities to link to another person's senses, therfore he can give himself 'sight'. Whatever the other person sees he can see as well. This doesn't always work though, as certain people are well protected from telepaths and would prevent him from linking with them.


He is very close to Lorra, and a few people would be quick to call them a couple. He is also somewhat of a fatherly figure to Dreyus, and is a laughing stock to almost all of The Dreyms.



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