Okay so here's the start of my log. Just a little summary of me and my crew before I post anything else. So everyone on my crew, including me, is from the Southern Republic. We're only staying in the West for the summer. In my first conscious dream, which was about a week back I think, I met a girl named Passion in a cab and she explained to me about how we were only staying for the summer and things like that. I got really sick over the next two days though, because I was having a really hard time waking-up. So my Dad had to come and so did Io, who became the third addition to my crew. I became aware of Malo a little before I met Io so he's the second addition to my crew. Three more friends of mine, as my Dad called them, came to stay with me as well, Honesty, Verie, and Pierrot. And for now that's my entire crew. My Dad isn't part of my crew because he went back to the South shortly after I recovered from my sickness. Since my recovery I've had to deal with a bomb scare at the hotel my crew was staying at, then we were quickly kicked out of a small house we rented afterwards. And now we're going to be staying with Death, who's supposed to be the father of a friend of mine's named Mat.


So we met Mat and another girl who came with him named Justice. I've also been having some really weird vision-like things but I'm not sure if they're actual memories or something else....

I think they were something else now. Just so much has happened in such little time. I'm so very confused and just WHY WON'T THE UNIVERSE CUT ME SOME SLACK?!


Welp I got a new member who is currently nameless. He's apparently a type of demon that eats memories and dreams and well he just feels like sticking with the crew so.... Also I'm attempting to make more progress with my powers, but I don't think I'm an oracle. I think it's more complicated than that....I'll have to do some digging around to find out


Okay finally named the new crew member, Som, short for Somnia which is Latin for dream. Also I've continued having some more wonderful visions *sarcasm* and I had one last night involving my dad being at the library, talking to a woman while a younger Alicia watched them. I also had another vision that scared the shit out of me about someone (I was seeing it through first person) running from a giant beast only to end up falling off a cliff...I'm not sure if they died or not. I need to start making sense of these things, I have no clue if some of them are memories, the future, or the past.


Well we found a creepy CREEPY doll shop and inside we found two girls who are like real life porcelain dolls. We're taking the girls in since we can't just leave them there...god forbid they break or something...There weren't any other living beings there so we just left. The girls are twins and are pretty quiet and have only told us their names.

Also, I think that whole experience gave me two whopping memories. Memory number one: Lotus had really wanted me for something when i was little. All I saw in my memory was her arguing with my mother over how Lotus needed my "gift" and how my mother couldn't hide me forever. Memory number two: My mother was killed by Lotus in a hotel in Energy City over me. Wow, I got all that by walking into a creepy doll shop. *claps* Kudos to you mind!


Near death experiences all around!!! Yeah so I almost got hit by a bus, almost got mugged, and almost got decapitated by a cieling fan. And it's only 6:30 in the morning! Today is going to be a wonderful day! Death is also MIA from his house so great I can't even ask to give me a little protection and Mat can't control the actual Death Books yet so pretty much I just gotta keep my eyes peeled and pray to Erin that I survive.


Welp I survived...barely. We got a new crew member I guess you could say...A half-cat (literally a cat's front half) that we're naming Josie. It's really weird because she walks around perfectly fine like she does have her back legs and when you look at the part when she's cut in half there's no gore or anything. It's really hard to explain. But other than that she acts like a normal cat, eats food and everything.

The visions have been receding, but I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Now when I do get the visions it's usually just me at what I think is Indigo Fire headquarters, judging from how I'm always surrounded by people on Noemi's crew and sometimes the people surrounding me change but Kyoya, Noemi, and Fawn (I'm 99% sure the girl is Fawn) are always there and they always say something along the lines of "You're really lucky" "It could've been worse" "Good thing I got there when I did" but Fawn always ends up coming up to us and saying "He's gotten worse" and Kyoya always rushes off looking really worried and I have no fucking clue what the hell is going on.


I've gotten some memories back, all of school. I'm starting to realize how crazy the South can actually be, and I've noticed a few connections between people I knew back then and people I know now. Also, following my wonderful visions I've received a few letters, all from the same three people asking if I'm okay and if I have time to meet with them. But I'm really wondering why they're so worried over me...


So I got two new crew members, Snowflake (Who's one of the Chosen people) and Danae who's a close friend of hers. The two of them get along pretty well with the rest of the crew, and Danae's even offered to help me with my job at the Library.

Also no new visions, just a repeat of the one where I'm at Indigo Fire. I need to figure out what exactly is going on there...


Never EVER leave Danae alone with Verie. Verie will end up convincing her to summon a shadow beast and then Death's house will get wrecked and then he'll make Danae start working for him. >_< Why must Verie place such bad ideas into good people's heads?


. . . I think my crew is being tailed by some group, but I'm not 100% sure. So far a lot more cars than unusual have been going up and down the street outside the house, and I've caught a few different people staring at us in a very weird way, not like we were crazy or anything, more like they were waiting for us to do something. I don't know...maybe I'm getting somewhat paranoid.


Having an albino on your crew has its perks, I'll say that much. Oh and I also got chased through the school by a crazy guy! What a great way to start your day!



I am so tired and my legs hurt, and I think I might be shot, but I'm not sure. And I'm covered in god-awful muck and mess and I am not happy at all. AT FLIPPING ALL

I love how the healer dude also looks kinda like kyoya yup yup this is me right now ----------------------->


Wellllll I no longer have a bullet in me. I also no longer have a place to stay. Oh yeah and Mat no longer has his gloves. Wooo! Everything is going splendid.


Welp Mat is out of comission for now until he gets his new gloves, so he'll be traveling around with his dad for now. Meanwhile, Pierrot, Honesty, Som, Nukke, and Ningyo shall be house hunting for somewhere else to stay (I'm only going to be in the City for another month so right now anything will do) since it'll take a while for Death's house to get repaired and I feel pretty bad for wrecking it in the first place so... Also me, Io, Passion, Justice, Verie, Danae, and Snowy are going to be heading back down south for a day because of some school thingy we need to attend... ;_; I can't believe school starts on August 24 for us, I want to stay in the City for longer!!!!!!

Well Io got shot, but is okay. We're crashing with Indigo Fire for now....I went to the school thing, met some people, and have a new crew member, the very not ghetto Drake.


Mat's back, yay!!! Also got a letter from my sponsor...some dude named Fox


-____- Crazy old guy in the train station refuses to give certain people on my crew tickets. Like sir, we have the money, fucking take it.

"I no sell ticket to you because you too weird." (The dude to Io)


So last night was crazy....Met some interesting people then dumped them on Ryule....gave Alicia a heart attack....kind of usual stuff actually....(I also need to start updating this often again)


More visions (It's been a while) but I can't really make sense of them...they're all of a girl with lime colored hair and an eyepatch, and she has one prosthetic leg that I'm guessing doesn't work very well because she kind of drags it around and in one vision she kept cursing about going up stairs and whatever. It was strange because in the visions it  felt like I was right next to the girl, rather than looking down on her.

In some of the visions the girl was lying on her bed arguing with herself over weird things like how some event wasn't her fault and how she tried to stop it or something... And then in one vision she was sitting in front of her computer contemplating something and in another one she was just jotting some things down, then she got and frustrated and actually started stabbing herself with a pen.....

I don't understand why the hell I saw this girl of all people, but I'm pretty damn freaked out about her behavior and stuff....She doesn't seem to be related to anything from what I saw, and she lives alone I think...But it's still freaky how she was stabbing herself with that pen, and she didn't even scream or anything....


.-. Let's try to train and see if I can become less of a derp.


So I went down South with Ningyo and Nukke because I heard of a guy who could maybe help them...well the address I went to ended up being a shabby mechanic shop. And the 'Doctor' guy is eccentric to say the least...he told me just to call him "Sir Dr Van Wesel" but I think I'll just call him Wes and apparently he knows my dad so yeah....He went out back to go see what he could do about the twins while I stayed up front and had a 'conversation' with his son Geo. Really it was him asking me questions, answers, awkward silence, and half way through we both started giggling for some unknown reason....Bottomline Wes said he could have something ready by next week and that most likely I should just pick it up when I go back South for school....

I also 'trained'. Aka Io tried teaching me the basics while TJ watched us because as he says "It's always fun watching some newbies learn the ropes!" Halfway through I quit because I was getting uncomfortable with the way TJ was watching me fumble around and mess up


My last weekend up North begins tomorrow ;________; I dont want to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heavy sobbing* I'M GOING TO MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH


I start my first day of school today! Wooo! *sarcasm* Let's see how this all goes...


Been forever since I was on here (more like 5 days but it felt like forever) and well some updates and stuff:

We got the special medicine stuff from Wes and now Ningyo and Nukke are much stronger. They're still prone to bruising and things for a bit but at least they don't have the risk of shattering or cracking.

School wise a lot of people were scared of me at first because they all knew about how I had stayed at Indigo Fire HQ and a lot of them asked me what Indigo Fire was like and I just kept saying "They're just like you and me, reasonable and nice people." I also made some friends and I think my crew may begin to expand .-.

Bottomline stuff isn't terrible so yeah I feel so weird sitting here talking about school like "La la la, guess what I did today mommy and daddy!" its so weird especially with all the more important things happening


i havent been on here in foreverrrrrrrr

so i am now being trained by some pretty strict people from another Southern crew called the Sentinel and i'm not as pathetic as i was before. i've also gotten three new crew members, Chie, Peter (shhhh jamie not petrelli) and Geo. And from the way my Dad's been talking I think he wants my crew to become a government one but i'm not so sure about that, we're still pretty new.

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