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Astrella is one of the girls adopted by The Dreyms and is a star mage.


She has white blonde wavy hair, large golden eyes, and a light tan. She has a small frame and is very thin.


Stella is a generally happy girl and she tries very hard to be optimistic. She is sweet and kind but can be very shy around strangers. She usually lets the other girls do the talking. She is also very playful and likes to create optical illusions.


She was one of the girls kidnapped by the Garnet Blood Brothers. Before then she and her family were sort of wandering Garnet since they couldn't afford a place to live. Her family was later ambushed by the Blood Brothers and that's how Astrella came into their custody.


Abilities & Powers

Stella is a star mage and has a very good grasp of her power but she doesn't fight because she's too young. She can manipulate light and star matter due to her mage abilities. 


Her and Em are somewhat close. Calix is like a mentor to her.



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