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She has wild light blond hair and feral golden eyes.


Azilla is sly and dishonest as well as dirty and cruel. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She can also act like a wild animal at times, and her blood lust is extremely high. Azilla is very loyal and isn't phased by many things. It's hard to get her to crack.


The Dreyms first met Azilla during a painting heist they were performing. (They were doing it to pay back Death and not die) Azilla attempted to thwart their plans but luckily the Dreyms were able to chase her and Peony off.


Azilla can control the hellhounds telepathically. She is also a were, but no one is sure what type specifically. She is some sort of canine.


Peony could be considered her closest 'friend'.


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