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Bambi is one of Noemi and Zoro's sons. Noemi picked his name after seeing he was a deer were; loving the idea of giving him the name of the deer in one of the books she read as a child. Noemi also read him the story in particular many, many times to stress her point.


Bambi 3

Bambi looks like a typical deer were. He has soft, shaggy brown hair and is beginning to lose the white spots that mark him a young one. He is also growing antlers which will eventually get very large. Bambi has bright green eyes and two scars on his face; one on his cheek and one on his forehead, both from bullets that grazed him when two hunters illegally got into the forest and he was protecting his sister. He has some dark freckles on his checks and arms, as well as his shoulders, but these are beginning to fade too. It seems that the ones on his face will be permanent, though. Bambi has furry deer ears that are large and will probably end up being a bit taller like his antlers.

Being the deer prince of the forest, Bambi also has some extra feathers and fluffy golden and white fur and is the current nature Guardian since his father was no longer fit for the job. Bambi also wears a sort of Native-Moxidan style of clothes, much like his grandfather, Izzamer. He likes making flower crowns, necklaces and beads. He also wears an assortment of feathers and stones, often crystals and other colorful objects he finds in the woods. He has a bright smile and tan skin with a cute little nose. In his were form, he is very majestic and is a mix of many different types of deer.


Bambi 2

These pictures remind me of him a lot since he does pretty much all of those things.

Bambi was recently stricken with sadness over his father having to go to rehabilitation, but he is returning to his usual self. He is very sweet and quiet, and also very submissive. Bambi practically lives outside and spends most of his time in the forest or the back yard. Bambi is a very free spirit and likes to be able to wander. He hates small spaces and sometimes has nightmares about hunters. He is strictly vegan, but won't try to force it on others. He likes being around his grandpa and the Indian tribe, but he stays in contact with his mother.

Abilities and Powers

Bambi inherited a lot of nature-based magic but is still a boy, so he is not to his full potential yet. He is also a mage due to his Darkness Kingdom heritage, but his mage powers are weaker compared to his other types of magic. Also being a Guardian, Bambi has a lot of unknown powers that he has yet to unlock. He is a deer were and is also growing antlers, so he will be a good fighter if he needs to protect his territory. Not only this, but Bambi has heightened strength. However, he is on the short side like his mother and he used to have trouble holding up his antlers when he was younger. Despite the fact, he is a strong and caring boy with a good heart.

Bambi 1


Bambi hangs around with his cousins Lusa and Ursalia, as well as his other family members and his grandfather's Indian tribe. Izzamer, his aunts Nao and Neith and his great-aunt Swift River all keep a good watch on the boy while he is in the woods. Bambi normally hangs around with Nagisa, Moriko, and Anamosa; a little white deer were who has never changed back into a human after she saw her mother shot by the same hunters who gave Bambi his scars. He claims she is his little sister and takes care of her. Bambi also stays in contact with the rest of his family.


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