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Ban, as he's more commonly called, is an Easterner from The Fae Republic, and is currently the next in line for its throne.


Ban is considered freakishly tall for a faerie, measuring at approximately 5'11. He has pale ivory skin, which glitters in the sun or under harsh lighting, making it sometimes look like he's glowing. His eyes are a pale, almost colorless grey and his hair is jet-black. Ban's hair is bone-straight and hangs past his waist, which leads people to often mistake him for a girl. He used a pair of wings that resembled a butterfly's but far more translucent. They gave off a subtle blue hue and extend as wide as his arm-span. Currently, he's trying to find a way to have them re-attached to him.

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His wings look similar to this, except more whimsical.


Ban is somewhat vocally aggressive and has been told by multiple people that he is quite rude and harsh. He mostly speaks before he thinks and is willing to defend his ideas. His stubbournness has landed him a handful of haters and his reputation is a bit more than tarnished. Yet, those who have spent quality time with Ban say he is a bit more thoughtful than he appears and is much more tender than he lets on. Truthfully, he can be a gentle soul but, more often than not, he opts for the offensive and uncaring approach.


As previously mentioned, Ban is an Eastern faerie prince, though he didn't grow up in the Republic's castle or even in the Republic in general. When he was only about five he was sent away to live with the Lindesian ruling family and was adopted by a woman named Amity, who was the third-in-line princess. She was also a philosopher, as well as a singer, and taught Ban many of the morals he holds dear today. But later on he was forced to move back, to the Republic, leaving Amity behind, since the war was over in that region and found it extremely difficult to adjust to his native culture. Currently he's on royal 'duty' to travel Moxidius and see what the blossoming country is like.


Powers & Abilities

Ban has all standard fae magick abilities, but doesn't use them as often as others. He uses them for fairly mundane things, like healing scrapes or bruises or making water boil faster. But for fighting he'd rather just slash around the dagger given to him by Jamie. On the topic of fighting...he's quite bad at it. He can do basic things such as dodge and punch, but he couldn't imagine actually winning a fight against anyone. He's hoping to change that, though.


Ban is Jamie's significant other, as well as confidante, and object of humour. Other than Jamie, Ban wouldn't consider himself close to anyone else. He's quite distant from his family and hasn't seen Amity in ages, though he would still like to think that they're closer than Ban is with his actual mother.


  • "Shut up."
  • "My fish are mating again, this is the third time today."


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