1. Currently, no new writers are being accepted into the roleplay. If anyone attempts to join in or manipulate the roleplay without proper approval they will be banned.
  2. If a current writer wishes to bring in a new writer they must gain the approval of the high tier writers (Staff). No approval means no participation.
  3. This roleplay is copyrighted material. It can in no way be duplicated, there will be harsh punishment if this rule is broken. We have strong connections with members of multiple countries, so no matter what you can be pursued for stealing our content.
  4. When editing pages please make sure the information is factual. Opinions and misleading information will not be tolerated. Doing so can result in a ban.
  5. Also, please be careful when adding images and categories. Unnecessary and excessive categories as well as pictures will be removed from a page and you can get a ban.
  6. Only Technicians are allowed to alter the wiki’s special pages (CSS, JS, ect). Any other Staff caught doing this will face harsh repercussions.
  7. If you encounter another wiki related to our roleplay that is not explicitly a Six Star Wiki it is advised that you do not engage with it until you have brought it up with Staff. This is to prevent any unsavory incidents.
  8. The navigational bar also counts as a special page. This can only be altered with explicit permission.
  9. Staff are allowed to ban users freely only if they clearly violate a stated rule. If they do not, they must gain the approval of other Staff. If anyone is to ban a user unjustly they will have their status removed.
  10. Screenshots are not allowed to be taken of the website and especially the chat without explicit permission from the participants in the chat. If you are ever caught taking screenshots (and trust me you will) you will be instantly banned.
  11.  Please do not come on here to discuss fanon. This wiki is purely factual. We do not accept fanfictions or any postings about shipping or other non canon material. This is NOT a place for fangirls.
  12. If you have been previously banned on this wiki and return with an alternate account you will be infinitely banned, have your IP blocked and have any account creation prevented. Further repercussions would also follow.

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