Bengal is a 9-year old boy that Noemi rescued from a carnival that a group of Lotus's cult followers took over and then turned into an experiment base camp. (Later destroyed).

Appearance & Personality:

Bengal is of Indian and Caucasian descent with a strong accent. He has straight black hair and yellow-golden eyes. He also has a few

carnival tattoos from his previous home with the Kaylen Traveling Carnival. He tries his best to "keep in shape" even though he is a very young boy. Despite growing up in a carnival, Bengal was home-schooled by his father with Kaitlyn and is quite and clever. He is very bright and loves to tell stories about his old village, his favorite times at the carnival, and old legends about warriors his father told him. He dreams of becoming a strong fighter like his father was. Currently, he is studying at a boarding school in The Capitol where he stays in contact with Noemi- Visiting home on the holidays. He also chose to take Noemi's last name, unlike Kaitlyn who decided to keep her's.

Abilities & Powers:

Bengal was previously learning to fight from his father, but his training has now been taken over by his teachers. His greatest skill is that he is friendly with animals, as his father who was the previous animal trainer taught him how to deal with big cats and other creatures. During the war, he was able to turn the tables against his enemies and flee from attacks sooner than the average child.


Bengal is Kaitlyn's closet sibling/friend and one of Noemi's adopted sons.

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