• TH3 133T 5P34K3R

    the truth

    September 17, 2017 by TH3 133T 5P34K3R

    It all started with me wanting to indulge my little cousin because she was ridiculously lonely and needed friends. I got my brother in on it and we made up these fake personas and we befriended her and humored her and her fanfictions. And then she starts talking about Rachael, a new friend she got, and then she mentions all this stuff about dreams. Adriana has always liked dream stuff. And we decided we wanted to keep humoring her. We thought that if we helped give her and this new friend something to bond over it would help them get closer.

    That's why everyone she had been friends with on the fayz wiki became conscious. But some of their previous personalities didn't fit some of the crew members she described, so when Crystal became Falle…

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  • The Wexy One



    Alright guys, announcement time! We were sick of Wikia and the chat glitches/constant crashes so we got a Discord. Now anyone reading this is probably like, "But Nomeme, you're addicted to this wiki! How are you going to survive? How will I survive without this wiki?  

    What?" Now hold up there partners, the wiki isn't going anywhere! We're keeping it for informational purposes and I will forever see it as my duty to be on chat- Especially to help new people and be there for anyone who may need it. Also, just because we have Discord doesn't mean no one else will ever come on the chat either; it just means we have a new spot to engage in socially. 

    What Discord is

    To put it bluntly, Discord is just a chat app. You can use it on mo…

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  • That Confused Dude

    ODAD Hype Month!

    February 26, 2017 by That Confused Dude

    This April is going to be ODAD hype month! Now what is a hype month? It's pretty much an entire month dedicated to updates, art, and tasty bits of lore! 

    Every day in April a new piece of lore related content will be released! Whether it's an update, a detailed piece of art, a character sheet, a playlist or a description of a specific setting. All of these items may help clarify what's going on, add evidence for theories, or even generate new theories themselves. 

    All of this will lead up to a Q&A session on April 29th! The Q&A may be streamed live on my Twitch, but only if enough of you show interest! For those of you who don't know, on my stream there is an in-stream currency called Bears. You get one Bear per minute of watching my stream.…

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  • That Confused Dude

    I am proud to announce the first ever Wiki Awards will be held this March! 

    So what are the Wiki Awards? To put it simply it's an opportunity to acknowledge some of the most hard working and dedicated people on the wiki, as well as some stunning pages too. Some categories will be voted upon, others will be based on statistics.

    Now you may be wondering "What do I get if I win a category?" Great question! In addition to a lovely "trophy" to put on your profile the winners will all be getting art works made of them, that will then be put together and displayed on the home page for a couple of months! Not to mention bragging rights. Winning pages will have an icon added to them to indicate that they won as well.

    So please stay tuned for more info…

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  • The Mechanical Prince

    It's the new year! We would like you all to take this short little survey on how the wiki is doing to give us an idea of where to take things this year. Please make sure that you check the box "Share answers with survey author" or else we won't be able to see your answers! Please be as honest as possible, this is 100% anonymous, so we won't know who answers what. We will be making a follow up blog later to address some of the major points brought up in the survey.


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  • That Confused Dude

    Here is the official announcement for the Dreamt app! This app is an extension of Amino, which is a community based app sort of like Wikia, except the communities tend to be kinder and the app isn't even close to as glitchy as Wikia. Mostly it will just be something to help us stay connected.

    On the app you can start multiple group chats for various topics, write blog posts talking about things that're going on, get featured if your post is really good, like posts and follow other people, and level up the more involved you are. For now I'm the only authority figure on the app, but I may allow some people to apply to be ones too if more people start joining. 

    Anyhow here is the direct link to the community, feel free to write a post or join t…

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  • That Confused Dude

    Wiki Holidays

    November 29, 2016 by That Confused Dude

    I feel like doing something different this year for the month of December. I just want to do a series of fun little events while we all count down to 2017. (I can't believe it's almost here!!)

    I also will be moderately decorating the wiki for winter by changing the background and header but not really much else since I don't want to look like I'm leaning towards a particular holiday or something. However you all are welcome to change your icons to something holiday specific if you want. 

    So here are just a few of the things I would like to do, this list may be added to or altered so keep your eyes peeled. 

    Art Contest! - I really want to do one and have it winter themed??? Maybe the winner's piece could be posted somewhere??? Like the front p…

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  • That Confused Dude


    November 23, 2016 by That Confused Dude

    So, for those of you who don't know, I've started streaming about once a week. I used to stream on Picarto but that's super duper laggy and freezes a lot so I switched over to Twitch. I'm going to try to stream as often as possible between the times of 5pm-8pm US Eastern Time for weekdays and 12pm-4pm for weekends or holidays. I'll probably post a little message when I start streaming on here so you guys can join in. 

    I don't stream games, at least not for now. I stream DD related art, which will mostly be the Lucid Fever related these days. Sometimes I read the chat, though most of the time I don't so sorry if I don't respond to questions! If you have a question aimed at me the best thing to do is just send me a text. The only small warnin…

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  • That Confused Dude

    Dreamt Cards

    October 22, 2016 by That Confused Dude

    Introducing something new!

    Do you like collecting things? Specifically cards?

    Do you like playing strategy card games? Or watching said card games?

    Are you looking for a reason to spend Luna Coins? Are you looking for a reason to get Luna Coins?

    Well then look no further!!

    Starting today there will be collectable cards being distributed depending upon the badges you earn. The harder the badge is to earn, the more rare the card will be! The badges have three rarities, bronze, silver and gold. Depending on these rarities is what kind of cards you get. Bronze yeilds basic (No rarity) or common cards. Silver can yeild common or rare. Gold can yeild rare, epic or legendary. Legendary is the rarest of the rare!

    Not sure what rarity your card is? No ge…

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  • That Confused Dude

    It's back! I'm so happy that the wiki is still thriving with enough people to carry on this still somewhat new tradition! I'm also honored that I get to host it this year upupupu.

    So, for those of you who may be new to the wiki this contest is something to help us all get in the spoopy spirit! Participants get their spoopiest icons and compete in this contest to see who truly knows how to get in the Halloween spirit. Last year there were four categories, Creepy, Cute, Gorey and Nightmare Fuel. The winners were Dreyus, Me, Ryule and Mal, respectively. So the question is can we still hold on to our titles?

    Also this year I'm adding a new category to help give more people a chance to win! This category is going to be labeled "Fandom" and pretty…

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  • That Confused Dude

    Today I’m here to talk about something new I’d like to bring to the wiki. It’s a currency system, similar to the edit system we had in place previously. I’m calling it Luna Coin.

    The main thing that makes this system better is that it’s a lot more fair to everyone. Before when we had the edit currency system wiki veterans instantly had a leg up on everyone else simply because they had more edits. Also, newbies weren’t really interested since they didn’t have much to edit and found it difficult to amass edits quickly.

    Not to mention, we limited the use of the editing currency to the Wiki Store. The Wiki Store was a nice concept, but really it wasn’t that great. It didn’t offer as many cool features as it could have, and the prices made gettin…

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  • That Confused Dude

    Lucid Fever!

    August 15, 2016 by That Confused Dude

    It’s hard being a kid with supernatural abilities who runs a website for other kids with supernatural abilities. Especially when said abilities are a secret and the site’s tech support is a load of ass.

    I present to you all Lucid Fever! The Wiki-based webcomic! So, this is something I’ve had in mind ever since Noemi senpai showed me Tapastic, and I really think I want to go through with it. I also know what you guys are thinking, “But didn’t you have another webcomic on Wattpad?! What happened to that?!” To be honest I don’t really like that one anymore, mostly because it’s really chibi and as much as chibis are cute, they don’t help me develop as an artist. And also I had like zero plot for it. I REALLY didn’t think it through that much.


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  • Greengwen123


    July 27, 2016 by Greengwen123


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  • Heavy As A Heartbreak

    Episode one is finished! I hope you all enjoy! Sorry it arrived a bit later than expected.

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  • That Confused Dude

    I am here to talk about infoboxes! Plenty of other wikis have them, but we don't. We've been functioning fine without them, but today I just decided to bring this to everyone's attention so that way we could formally vote on it. If you aren't aware, infoboxes are just little boxes filled with only the most essential information about a person, that way instead of skimming an article you can just glance at an infobox to get the jist of the person. 

    Here on the right is an example of what an infobox looks like:

    Now, most of these fields are 100% optional, really all you NEED to fill out is gender, occupation, crew and your appearance because those would be discussed in the page anyway. Also I know the infobox is a bit plain, I will be altering…

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  • Crystal Wake


    June 29, 2016 by Crystal Wake





    We're all aware of how dead the wiki is these days and how out of touch it is with the old days. Well guess what? We're changing that.




    So go ahead. Start spamming the shit of this place. No one will mind. Make yourself heard, whether it's through your crappy editing skills or stunning art (Everyone's looking at you Aaron). But also, don't…

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  • The Wexy One

    Okay, so we have to improve some things for the wiki rn. 

    I say we stop trying so hard to bring everything back. Maybe we need to fight fire with fire. Instead of running the wiki like a business with gimmicks to get everyone back, let's just do things the old way. Have a meme war, post funny nonsense, and kick off the summer with some good ol' wiki togetherness. How about a summer blog? We can bring back Spamnation. Let's just roll with it, but also stay serious to a note. We want things to be like they USED to be. Let's forget all our social standings and problems for a little. Let's be those quirky kids who got rejected at school and rejoiced here by posting puns and memes and talking about the good times. It's SUMMER for fuck's sake, ha…

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  • PublicityStunt


    June 18, 2016 by PublicityStunt

    If you are having a very nice day you may not want to read this. It's mostly just depressing drabble. Also I wrote this at roughly 10:30 at night so please excuse any incoherrent parts. If you do read this, thank you then, because I appreciate you ruining your day for me ;)

    I haven’t exactly been feeling all that in touch these days. Mostly I haven’t been on due to piling excuses that just sound ridiculously stupid the moment they leave my lips. I won’t bother listing them now, but they involve last minute vacations, getting lost in Wales, medication and divorce. This whole month I just wanted to lay in bed, my bed back at my flat that my mum and my brother and I lived in. Like old times. Like I was still a painfully socially awkward idiot …

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  • That Confused Dude

    Okay, so right now the wiki is a bit flugged up. This morning I realized a lot of our theme wasn't working due to the Twins' Wiki (Which had been hosting all of the theme's images) was deleted due to being abandoned. I've tried my best to get the theme back to being as close to as it was before with a few changes. I deleted the backgrounds for comments (Not the Staff ones the regular ones) because I don't really see a point to them and I changed a few of the images to be less ODAD themed. If you find any bugs with the theme (AKA there's something blank where a picture should be) please tell me. 

    Also, our top bar is gone. (Yay) This isn't an issue with our coding, it's an issue with Wikia. So for now if you need to view your profile you hav…

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  • That Confused Dude

    So I decided I'd start doing little blogs here and there to talk about all the new changes that are coming to the wiki or have already arrived and you guys can tell me if you see any bugs, suggest new changes, or tell me if something just isn't working out.

    Right now the biggest changes that are being applied are the navigation boxes, which are being added to all the pages. Down below is what they all look like as of right now! There are a few very small bugs with them, but they only show up when they aren't on actual pages. You may see that there are categories on here that normally would not be on a blog. This is because of that click for more button. I can't seem to prevent it from adding categories to things. But don’t worry this doesn’…

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  • That Confused Dude


    April 16, 2016 by That Confused Dude

    I'm sorry, this is full of feels but I got the idea last night and decided to make it, enjoy.

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  • That Confused Dude

    It seems they weren't lost, just spread apart

    We'll find a way to glue them back together

    But for now this can satisfy your heart

    Our history isn't lost forever (32 comments) (965 comments)

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  • Mystic Starshine

    I'm New!

    March 22, 2016 by Mystic Starshine

    Hello everyone my name is Kaori and I’m new here! c:

    I became conscious about two weeks ago and google searched a few people during school because I was bored and this site came up *yay for the internet*. I actually wasn’t expecting anything real to come up when googling ‘Noemi Li Roux’ or ‘Foxglove Verendix’ but then I just saw all these links and my mind was blown.

    Seriously. I actually squeaked during class it was really cool.


    Currently I’m in Daegon *Yay I know geography* and I don’t have any powers yet, but I feel something stirring within me! That or I’m just really hungry and my stomach is communicating that fact…

    So I hope you guys don’t find me super annoying with this butttt I have a few questions.

    1. Are the laws in the Mox (I t…
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  • PublicityStunt

    Curse These Ads

    March 14, 2016 by PublicityStunt

    They’re everywhere, continuously in our presence. No matter where you turn they are there, large and irrelevant. They draw your eyes away from your actual concerns and in some cases make you cringe and look away, your eyes focusing on everything except the right side bar. If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about ads.

    Now you may be wondering, “Zeke how else is Wikia supposed to make money? There are always ads on the internet!”

    I’m not aggravated over the fact that they’re trying to make money through ads, I’m angry that these ads have been put in spots they never were before and that they solely advertise for Wikia’s new love child Fandom. It’s absolutely insulting. Wikia is stealing traffic from other wikis and directing it all to theirs …

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  • PublicityStunt

    Oh hello there, I’m back! After a week of keeping my mouth shut and patiently waiting I’ve returned to creating these lovely and lengthy blogs! If you were wondering, I hadn’t created a blog post last week because I, like many others, was patiently waiting for the release of ODAD: A Bajillion Questions! I didn’t want to spoil the excitement of the release with speculation about it, or just write a meaningless and boring filler post. Anyway, this will be a critique, in a way, as well as a blog to fuel the ever speeding hype train that has become the ODAD sub-fandom.

    Now, just to put this out there, I adore the main menu with a fiery passion. It gives a sort of serious yet playful vibe that pretty much describes Dreamt. Then once you start th…

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  • PublicityStunt

    As promised, here is another blog! This week we’re going to be discussing certain things that I believe our wiki needs, as well as general organization and so forth.

    To begin with I’m going to address the most obvious thing our wiki is lacking: a clearly stated set of rules and protocols. Now, I know we’re all reasonable people and are close-knit, so a need for a list of rules seems obsolete. But, as the years progress and our wiki slowly draws more attention to itself, it’s inevitable that one day we will need to break out a code of rules to help reprimand some stubborn troll, or even ward off an unwelcomed visitor from you-know-where.

    What I’m thinking is that we need two basic sets of rules, one for the wiki in general and another for cha…

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  • PublicityStunt

    Where We're Headed

    February 14, 2016 by PublicityStunt

    Greetings my wiki family! As you all are aware, I was forced to take a brief hiatus from my beloved home due to many, many personal reasons. But, I’ve returned with a bottomless bag full of goodies! I have taken it upon myself to start a weekly blog routine! No matter what’s occurring I’ll try my hardest to post a blog either every Sunday or Monday depending. The topics of the blog can be anything from quick little updates to rants to anything else that may pop-up.

    Now, onto the purpose of this first ever blog in what I hope will be a long running series. The wiki, the year 2015, and my overall feelings on where we’re headed.

    Last year was turbulent, to say the least. There were a number of passings, Noemi’s diagnoses, we said goodbye to man…

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  • Crystal Wake

    Valentines Day is fast approaching, but guess what? We don't need V Day! We need WIki Love Day, where we all band together as a family and get shit done! So for WIki Love Day (more like month) we're all creating pairs and participating in awesome sauce challenges! These pairs can be anyone, baes, siblings, besties, whoever you want to team with. Once you've paired up you guys can get matching icons (I'll provide some below but you can make your own and search for better ones if you want) and announce that you're a team!

    Throughout the entire month you and your partner will compete in challenges against the other teams. These challenges will be large scale and small scale and each time you rank in one you and your team will get points. Here'…

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  • That Confused Dude


    December 27, 2015 by That Confused Dude

    I would like to announce a Dreamt video game! Yes, an actual video game with alternate routes, objectives, and a deep storyline! The game will be a sort of visual novel with a ton of choices and maybe even some puzzle skills and some other goodies! It's still in early stages but a plot has already been established as well as characters! Most of the characters will be based off of us, but not entirely. Also there will be some completely new characters (The main character for example) who'll be completely new to us. 

    The game already has a name (Might be subject to change depending on what you guys think of it) Of Dreamers and the Dead. The main character also has been named and a bunch of other characters have names, but I'm keeping most of …

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  • The Wexy One

    Dearest family,

    As you know, I have been having internet troubles. I am sorrowed to say that I need to wait another painful night until the new router ships to our house. However, I refuse to sit in my house and wallow in the pain of loneliness! I am writing to you all from the house of one of my school friends, but the journey here was truly a crusade worth remembering. It was after lunch at about 1:47pm and the true loneliness and realization had settled into my soul. I trekked up a few blocks to the corner bakery and bought a coffee. I was crushed with a weight of despair as the woman at the counter then told me that they didn't have wifi, but I was not discouraged! I went across the street to Italian deli and bought a pastry, but much t…

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Dreamt Awards Reboot

    November 14, 2015 by Aeries Vholt

    The title says it all. Here's the first round of voting, also I'm not sure exactly when the epsiode for it will be, probably sometime around late December/early January. If you need more details just ask, though I feel it's all sort of obvious.


    Suggestions for Categories:

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  • That Confused Dude

    here is a list i made myself of some of the japanese names of peeps in legit japanese

    Nishi 西

    Nastu 夏

    Noemi のえみ

    Zyla 児ら

    Akira 明

    Chinoha 茅野は

    kasai 加西

    kitsume きつめ

    koke 苔

    kuro 黒

    kyoya 許弥

    midori 百鳥

    niji 二時

    nao 尚

    saki 茶木

    tenshi 天志

    feel free to add these to your trivia sections :3

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Jamie has given me a great idea recently to help get us all in the spooky spirit! We're going to be having a halloween profile picture contest! The rules are simple. Change your icon into something halloween themed and then submit it for the contest by the deadline which is October 10. There will be 4 categories that your icon may fall under and 4 rounds of voting to see who will win each category. The prize will be 2 free items of your choice from the store, along with a special badge to prove that you won that category. Second place winners will get 1 free item.

    The categories your profile picture can fall under are as follows:

    Cute - A cute icon that is still halloween themed

    Nightmare Fuel - Scary as fuck picture that would give Ryule nightma…

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  • Kyukyoku-Jinny-Chan

    Sorry for Hiatus!

    September 30, 2015 by Kyukyoku-Jinny-Chan

    Okay guys so I've been away for a pretty long time. I came around for a bit a few months back then just suddenly left, so you all probably thought I abandoned the wiki! But that actually wasn't the case.

    Let's just say my laptop got a virus, was temp-fixed, then I had to get a new one and I forgot my password too! Yeah I've just been having great luck...

    Anyway I'm 99.9% sure I'm back for good now, so hopefully you guys can actually get to know me better and I can get to know you guys better because right now I'm that girl who made 3 pages then left.

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  • 私


    September 16, 2015 by

    おは世 五位財増す! 



    はじめまして! 私わ綾香です!私わ学生です。よろしくお願いします!

    (also, trying i'm to get keyboard english working. using translator instead now.)

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  • Don't Speak Unless Spoken To

    So I haven't been on in actual MONTHS and I have a better excuse than "Fucking timezones". I'm no longer a memeber of wonderful beautiful Alaska. Yeah I moved, guess where? Just fucking guess. Did you guess Arkansas? THEN YOU'RE FUCKING RIGHT. I'm now connected to the mainstream US but I'm deep south and the middle of fuckass nowhere. But at least my time's closer to y'all's. So hopefully now I can stick around here more... If you were wondering why I moved well to put it bluntly, my rents wanted a change of scenery, SO THEY CHOOSE THE FUCKASS SOUTH. Shoot me now. Least my accent blends, but everyone gawks at how I look cause I'm pale and still dress heavy out of habit. 

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  • PublicityStunt

    This is the New Era!

    September 8, 2015 by PublicityStunt

    Well hello there all my faithful and loving friends! I believe it’s that time of year, when the leaves begin to change colour, and everyone starts to unpack their vacation bags and instead pack their school bags. We’ll all be rushing around doing school work and such, which most likely shall utilise our laptops and computers…so while you’re around, why not come here?

    I’m doing it again, resurrecting that is. And well this time things are a bit more…intense I guess you could say. I pretty much am going to try and get this wiki into a well managed routine, get this blog to 1,000 comments, and collect all the little treasures and jewels along the way.

    “Treasures and jewels? Zeke whatever are you rambling about?” Well I’m glad you asked!

    Pretty m…

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  • Crystal Wake


    • Zeke - The Fork
    • Noemi - The Spoon
    • Dreyus - The Steak Knife
    • Sibrel - Spork
    • Aaron - Icecream Scoop
    • Jamie - Tongs
    • Em - Whisk
    • Heather - Spatula
    • Ari - Turkey Baster
    • Mal - Meat Tenderizer 
    • Drake - Can Opener
    • Semmirra - Rolling Pin
    • Fallen - Lemon Juicer
    • Douglas- Skewer
    • Collin - Cake Tester
    • Bailey - Strainer
    • Ash - Butter Knife
    • Chiaro and Violetta - Corncob Holders
    • Andrea - Pizza Cutter
    • Ryule - Cheese Grater 
    • Pie Guy - The Pie Server
    • Codie - Corkscrew
    • Alex - Melon Baller
    • Fox - Potato Peeler
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  • The Wexy One

    Hello my fellow wiki family members,

    I have a few things that I think we all should talk about.

    First off, I would like warn you all not to have intercourse with any pies. (Shout out to the person who came on chat last night with the username!)

    Now let's get down to bussiness.

    A new idea has arisen, dd wiki themed mini-games. Something like a twist to the Google Chrome dinosaur cactus-jumping game, but for the wiki. They could be installed for people to play them when chat's down, when people are on the wiki alone *AHEM ME EVERY DAY I'M THE OFFICIAL WIKI SECRUITY GUARD DREYUS SAID SO*, or just for the fun of them. Our fandom is expanding, as it always is. But look at the possibility before us! If we could create such games, it would decrease t…

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Just a few updates and stuff about pages...

    • Mavis is going to be down for the rest of the week due to repairs and stuff so ;___;
    • I'm going to be trying to add the quotes section to all the pages, and then people can fill them in as they go along.
    • Also I've started putting links on all the names on the crew pages just so that whenever you feel like making pages it's easier to see who has a page and who doesn't because anyone without a page will be colored red.
    • Also Zeke really wants us to make page guidelines and admin guidelines so any requests you have for guidelines just state them below.
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  • That Confused Dude


    August 22, 2015 by That Confused Dude

    I'll be making more but for now here's Mal's card! (excuse the shit photoshop)

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  • Rosherruu


    August 12, 2015 by Rosherruu


    1. How often do you come on the wiki?
    2. How often do you WANT to come on the wiki?
    3. What keeps you from coming on the wiki?
    4. Do you like the wiki's new look?
    5. Do you find the admins and technicians here to be helpful?
    6. What do you want to see more of on this wiki?
    7. What is something that would keep you coming back to the wiki?
    8. How do you feel about most people on this wiki?
    9. How has this wiki helped and changed you. (This is where you get all heartfelt)
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  • PublicityStunt


    August 8, 2015 by PublicityStunt

    Greetings my faithful and loving comrades who I think of as my own passionate flesh and blood. I bestow upon you all today an uncommon endowment that you all refer to as the beloved and bittersweet Englishman's Rants. This fine day's subject matter would be the Stub template, which has been obtaining a sustainable amount of popularity.

    I shall express the utmost candor with this situation and plainly state that the template was overused. Meaning I had not anticipated such poorly created pages. It makes me utterly sick to my stomach that some of the pages submitted were allowed to collect dust on this wiki while being so astonishingly incomplete.

    Most pages are just vague or do not present the kind of shining high-quality this wiki should tak…

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  • PublicityStunt

    Admin Stuff...

    July 29, 2015 by PublicityStunt

    Sorry for the absolutely vague title, I wasn't sure what else to put down.

    So if you have not recently noticed, Chiaro and Violetta were kind enough to re-vamp the wiki in their spare time. Some of their updates include absolutely stunning new profile looks, a beautiful new toolbar, and adorable new infoboxes. They've also created profile identifications for Admins, Chat Mods, and Bureaucrats.

    Now, cutting to the chase, I noticed some things about our Admins and Chat Moderators in particular. Firstly, we only have one Chat Mod which I find a bit...useless. Partially because, Andy isn't on chat regularly, and well...when do we ever come across the need to use a mod? We haven't had anyone deeply offensive disgrace the chat in months. Then agai…

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  • The Wexy One

    Don't Worry

    July 23, 2015 by The Wexy One

    I think my mom is taking me to the hospital because my fever went up high and I'm finding myself very dehydrated and breathing heavy. Don't worry about me, guys, I'll try to be back soon and I love you all. I'm going to try and get better.


    Noemi (at 2:57am American Eastern Time)

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  • Aeries Vholt

    Finally Back

    June 26, 2015 by Aeries Vholt

    Hi everyone I'm back after being away for a few weeks! --waves to you--

    Yeah so now that you're all so excited and happy I'm back (I see you in the background Sibrel, hoping I bring presents of new episodes) I'm going to dump a shit ton of information on you! Yay! Be prepared for a long blog post, it's all kind of important though so don't skip it all.

    First order of business, getting everyone to wake the fuck up again and come back.

    So, as you all can see, this wiki is on damn life-support. If Noemi stops updating her log the wiki will be 100% dead. And well Kale made that blog about the Edit Eaters and how we're all going to bring the wiki back, but uh we only group edit like once a week. And even then some people really skimp on the edits.…

    Read more >
  • ShinigamiMeister

    The Revolution

    June 15, 2015 by ShinigamiMeister

    This wiki, sadly, has fallen from its former grace. Once a thriving hub of activity and edits, it now sits vacant and lonely. Summer is approaching, and everyone is going to need this place more than ever, but if they behold the inactivity of this place they'll have doubts about how much of a haven this place is, and they'll most likely leave and not come back. This, obviously, is a problem. And it would go against my very nature to idly sit by and let this site rot away and decay.

    So, the solution to this epidemic? It's something I call the Edit Eaters.

    The Edit Eaters are a group of determined, veteran wiki members who want to revive this place. At random times they all shall converge and edit like mad, being fast yet making quality edits …

    Read more >
  • That Confused Dude


    everyone is a stock and we have to invest in who we think can gain the most points for the leader board and after one week of crazy editing we see who gained the most points and who didnt and stuff and yeah just a rough idea..............

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  • The Wexy One

    If you've ever had that moment in a fight where you realize that it's not over yet, but you still lost, that was kinda me a few weeks ago. By yesterday, I'd pretty much put down my gun and began to wonder if I should retreat from the battlefield. Today, I think I'd rather like to pick my gun up and stick it in my mouth and end it. But don't worry, that's just what I'd like to do, not what I AM going to do; so don't worry about that. Now that I'm done with the feelings part of this, you're all wondering why I've posted this blog post on such a wonderous sunny day. Well, some of you probably suspect you know why. Well, on this wrongfuckular, shittastic, craptacular WONDEROUS day, I was asleep until about two thirty. I woke up at about ten th…

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  • PublicityStunt

    This is just a list of important people who need pages..

    • Jannaki
    • Hound
    • Zennith
    • Most One Peice Characters
    • Gaiaphage
    • Are we going to make pages for Romeo's "Crew"??
    • Almost everyone in Radix Prim

    So if anyone mentioned is on your crew you need to make them a page ASAP. I'll be constantly adding new people to this list and removing others as time goes on so keep checking back.

    Read more >

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