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Brook is the musician of the Straw Hat pirates and a member of Noemi's Crew.


Brook is a living skeleton. He ate a devil fruit so he could live an extra life and his human parts rotted away while his soul was wandering. Though this is true, he kept his signature afro and clothing. He usually wears old fashioned clothes like large cloaks and iconic disco-age accessories. Brook is tall and thin too and drinks milk to keep his bones white.

Brook 2


Brook has a perverted personality and gawks and catcalls at girls he finds attractive. His signature quote is, "May I see your panties?" because he asks every pretty girl he meets this, despite it being a crude and offensive question. He is cool and calm otherwise, unless the crew is being attacked. Then he panics. Brook is known for being a coward in some situations, and is more scared of others than they are of him. In the anime, people often scream and point at him since he is unusual and every time he turns around and says something along the lines of, "OH NO! A monster?! Where?!" Despite this, Brook doesn't think of himself as a monster in any way and goes about his daily life with pride.

Abilities & Powers

Brook is an exceptional sword-fighter and musician. He plays violin, piano, guitar, and sings. Brook can

Brook 3 Poster

One of Brook's posters from his tour as Soul King

hypnotize his enemies with his music and then slashes them with his signature sword. For two years during the One Piece time-skip, Brook became a famous soul artist and claimed the title Soul King. He acquired many fans and played shows in the time he spent while the crew was apart. He created his own attack, the Three Verse Humming Arrow-Notch Slash, and uses it frequently in battle. His blade is none other than the Soul Solid, with a blade cold as death that gives off an icy touch. It is a cane sword, and when Brook isn't fighting with it he walks around with it sheathed and disguised as a walking cane. In addition to his physical powers, Brook has lived for many, many years and has built up a great deal of knowledge in all his time alive and dead.



Brook is dating Ollie, Noemi's alter ego. They had one daughter, River whom he gives music lessons to. He isn't a very good parent, but he tries his best. Brook is mostly friendly with everyone else on the crew too, but most of the ladies clobber him from his constant asking to see their underwear.



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