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Caine has dark hair and dark eyes.


Caine really is full of himself. He calls himself the king of everyone and treats people like garbage. He only helps when there's something in it for him and even then he still can't be counted on. He is quite coniving and isn't much different than how he is in the books.


Caine has the power of telekinesis so he can move things with his mind. His powers are well fleshed out and he can move things as big as trucks.


He was a reform student like Drake who got stuck in the FAYZ. He was curious about The Dreyms predicament and decided to join them on their adventures, dating Ash for a period of time before betraying him and dropping out of the crews. He's attempted a return, but was not warmly recieved and left again.


Ash's ex boyfriend. Him and Drake both originate from the Gone Series.


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