Calix is an eccentric who's built himself an android named Anthousa. He likes to flash his powers, but doesn't really do anything with them.


An orange and pink haired mage with wide pinkish-red eyes.



Calix tends to be very teasing when it comes to information and likes secrets and riddles. It's extremely hard to get him to give a straight answer, and even then he's holding something back. But overall he acts like some nineteenth century gentleman, and he even talks that way sometimes too.

Abilities & Powers

Calix is a mage but he still hasn't admitted what kind. (as said before he likes secrets) Though when in battle he either has his robot Anthousa do the fighting or he uses his pitiful sword which can barely cut paper.


Anthousa is his steampunk robot which he built from scratch. He seems to have known Iris before joining The Dreyms.


  • "It's not magic, it's Calix!"
  • "Oh Anthousa..."
  • "I need one of those waifu things everyone talks about. I hear they're wonderful."


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