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Camo is Noemi's and Lilith's father and an ex-Loyalist leader. His birthname was William Segento, but he changed it when he ran away from home to join Lotus as a teenager.


Camo has a rather intimidating aura about him and many avoid his gaze. He is young due to aging spells at thirty-six but is mentally much older. Experimentation changed his appearance very much and he looks almost nothing like he did before he joined Lotus. He has pale skin from the amount of time he spends inside and he is also rather thin. Camo has snakelike fangs for teeth and can produce venom from the front two if he needs to. He has scaly, short green hair and piercing snake eyes around the same color. He has a scar over the bridge of his nose and two on the sides of his mouth and a short goatee, and also has both of his ears pierced. For the most part he wears generic clothes and doesn't really wear anything to make himself stand out.


As for personality, Camo keeps quiet most of the time. He doesn't speak much, but when he does his words are usually meaningful in some way. Unlike many other ex-Loyalists, he came quietly into the hands of the rebel army. Ever since then, he has been working to shape up his ways. While under Lotus's control, mind-altering drugs changed him for the worse and he was an evil and twisted man. After a re-evaluation by doctors, he was given medicine and has since lost his violent tendencies. He also used to be extremely attracted to Noemi, but is no longer and she has deemed him safe to be around. Still, every night he returns to the locked room he was put in when he was brought to Indigo Fire Headquarters

Green dragon by karl smink-d4oujan

and prefers to stay out of the way and take as little from the crew as possible. He has still not forgiven himself for his actions and has even claimed that he sees himself as less than a man, but a snake who gave his own family a taste of his venom. Though this is true, his condition is improving and he continues to take medicine and is on the way to finding closure.


Camo was born human to a rather normal family, but in his teenage years rebelled against his parents and began getting himself into dangerous situations. He met Lotus while they were both young and she gave him drugs and chemicals to modify him into a reptile man. This appalled Camo's parents and they cast him out of the family. He turned to Lotus while out on the streets and she told him that he would be useful to her. She hijacked his mind and experimented on his brain heavily until he was as twisted as she was. The two were in love for a long time and Camo did much work for Lotus, including fathering Noemi and her sister Lilith. After Lotus was killed, Camo led the Loyalist army for many months until he was apprehended along with Lilith by Noemi. The two were very badly upset mentally when she found them and both had to receive much medical care.
Camo snake form

Abilities & Powers

Camo prefers not to use his powers, but he is a reptile were. His favorite form to use is snake, but has a lot of dragon blood as well. His physical strength has depleted since he became ill and continues to stay thin and nonathletic for the most part.


Camo is Noemi and Lilith's father as well as Orin, Chiyuki, and Draco's father but due to the circumstances takes the role of grandfather instead.


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