Sibrel - "leader"

Zeek - Smart one

Kevin - Assasin, also second in command

Shape Shifter Guy - creep that likes Sibrel

Dream Boy - Sibrel's dreamguide

Dawn - Annoying/Cheery one

Mary - Creepy demon child

Bailey - A creepy fangirl (or so she says) that is glued to Sibrel's hip

Bailey's Brother - jack of all trades

Siri - robotic child

Quick Silver - a super fast mutant

Lily - a ferret that can transform into a human

Hikaru - Hitachiin twin

Kaoru - Hitachiin twin

Alfred - neko that won't show his eyes

Anne - master of disguise

Zack - human cannonball

Skylar - demon gun, drill sergeant

Edward - halfmetal alchemist

Alphonse - Ed's younger brother, also an alchemist

Winry - an auto mechanic, also known as a gear head

Fluffy - Powerful unusual cat

Pepper - Demon dog

Amsu - schipperke

Riza - a small child

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