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Chamuel is one of the seven archangels of the Lord. She is in charge of guiding the newly ascended around Heaven, and works close with the deceased to make sure they are comfortable and content.


Chamuel is about 5 foot 5 inches (165 centimeters) tall. She has tanned, caramel colored skin and dark blond/brown hair. Her hair curls into tight ringlets and goes down to a bit past her jaw. Her eyes are a warm gray.


Chamuel is very sweet but at times clueless. She's highly empathetic and merciful. She knows barely anything about human culture despite guiding humans around Heaven. Even though she has a very gentle demeanor she can command a good amount of authority. She knows how to keep people focused on what's important.



Chamuel is the archangel responsible for spreading the word of Hapai au Nevi and Hapana. She was very close to Destrien and carried out a majority of his requests. She was also the last of the archangels to get her 'purpose' or what she represents, which is charity. After Destrien stepped down she and Jophiel switched roles, so Jophiel worked with spreading God's teachings and Chamuel worked with greeting the deceased.

Powers and Abilities

Chamuel is a very good vocalist, bordering on being a siren. She also has the basic angel abilities, such as being immortal to even starshots.


She thinks of Innes as a son and loves him dearly. She is very close to Jophiel and Gabriel.


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