1. Profanity is allowed on chat, only as long as it is not being directed at a user. The moment it is being used as an insult the user may be kicked or banned, depending on the severity.
  2. Racist slurs, or simply slurs of any kind do not count as profanity and are prohibited. You will be banned for using them.
  3. Excessive and annoying spam will also get you banned.
  4. If you say something that makes other users uncomfortable you will be asked to stop talking about it. If you continue talking about it you will get kicked or banned until you get the message.
  5. Sensitive topics include things such as rape, war, mental illness and a person’s past. Please, don’t be heavy in detail when it comes to these topics and please do not ask people about their pasts, families, or health problems unless you know this person well and you know they’re comfortable talking about such things. If you bring up these topics and visibly upset someone please change the topic immediately. If you continue to push people to answer you will be banned.

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