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Chiaro has messy dirty blonde hair, pale skin, and dark blue-ish cloured eyes which are occasionally mistaken for being black. He has a lean frame and isn't overly muscular or overly weak looking, is average height for his age (19), and has a light dusting of freckles across the bridge of his nose. He sometimes wears rectangular red glasses but usually he has contacts in instead.


Chiaro is the serious twin who is extremely laid back and usually ends up apologising for his sister. He is much more quiet and thoughtful and isn't emotionless. He has his own strange sense of humour that most people don't pick up on. Also, he loves technology and is a prodigy. He is extremely good at math and memorisation and flew through the 'school' he attended for only five years of his life.


Chiaro is an expert hacker and mathematics prodigy. He and his sister are known as the Technology Twins and are responsible for all things electronic in The Aother.


Violetta is his twin sister. Both Chiaro and his sister work for the Aother government. He also helped his sister create two sentient AIs, Mavis and Eros.



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