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Chinoha Roronoa

Chinoha is one of Noemi and Zoro's daughters, the first in the fifth litter.



Chinoha has mostly purple hair with locks of red-orange,yellow, and black mixed in. She wears the Rise army colors and, like some of her other siblings, hopes to be a commander when she grows up.


Since her genetics cause her appearance to be vivid, Chinoha does her best to win people over with her personality and ignores the rather rude comments from Great-Grandmother Hinoshina. She is sneaky and helps Purrggh steal cookies but also has a mystical and spiritual side, sometimes dark. Otherwise she is relatively happy.

Abilities & Powers

Chinoha is a feline were and also trains in swordry. She doesn't fight anymore since the War is over and she is just a child, but she does go to military school with Ender and Kasai and hopes to be a military commander when she grows up.



Chinoha is close to her parents, as well as her siblings, preferably her litter-mates.



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