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Christina is a tall-ish, dark skinned girl, with dark hair, occasionally done in cornrows, and hazel eyes. She also has a slight dusting of freckles.


Christina is a no nonsense kind of person and prefers to steer clear of trouble. She hates getting involved with the Crews’ messes and tends to shoo them away from the cafe. But when the fight comes to her she can always be counted on to lend the Crews a hand.


Christina isn’t really much of a fighter (no one in her crew is) instead she tends to use her razor sharp tongue and dominant attitude. But when in a fight she’ll make anything a weapon. When you hang out with Dreyus’ crew enough you begin to realize how dangerous everyday objects are.


Christina’s brother is Emmet. Andrea is her best friend. Theo is her boss.


  • "It's your problem now." ~ Almost Everyone to Christina
  • "It is not my problem."
  • "If you need more time go call up Leet."

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