Cinnamon is an adorable 9-year old who was one of the first kids the Dreyms adopted. He's Drake's son and is popular among the whole crew.


He is an adorable eight year old boy with blonde, wavy hair and large blue eyes. He's also somewhat chubby, considering the amounts of icecream he eats daily.


Cinnamon is very curious and innocent seeming. He is eager to help the crew in any way he can, and is always the first to offer his encouragement. He is extremely optimistic and positive, and can always bring a smile to someone's face. He also has a bit of a sweet tooth, and has an addiction to ice cream. But don't be fooled by his aloof air and innocent charms, he knows how to fight back.

Abilities & Powers

Cinnamon doesn't fight because of his age, but is still taking self-defense lessons from Drake for a just-in-case scenario.  He also doesn't have any abilities because he's human.



Cinnamon is an orphan that Dreyus met while in the Hollow Realm. He instantaneously took a liking to her and Dreyus couldn't help but bring him back with her and make him a crew member. Currently Cinnamon is still unaware of his true origins or his parents' identities.


Drake is like his father. Collin is his best friend.



  • "The name's Cinnamon Sugar Book!"
  • "Swag life!"
  • "I wish everything was more like icecream."
  • "I am pudgy, so what?"


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