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Clare has blonde, yellow-orange, hair that is a wild mess of curls. Her eyes are a bright gold color,and her skin is lightly tanned.


Clare is very calm and controlled, but is not emotionless. She can be extremely kind and considerate, as well as social and personable. She tends to walk the streets of many of the Capitol's districts and knows a majority of the people there. She also tends to be caught up in fantasies and is usually found in places that are quiet or unusual.


Clare is a water elemental and is extremely skilled at channeling. She can do a wide array of things with this ability, such as impale victims with icicles, control the weather, heal minor to medium sized wounds, and can even make living beings out of ice or water. Clare also has ESP which is the ability to do something similar to reading minds, but not quite. If Clare were to ask a yes or no question she would be able to tell which answer was true or correct without the person saying so, but if she were to ask for an address she would only be able to tell if the person was being honest with her. Along with this Clare also has a photographic memory.


Clare knew a majority of the Ruby Legnas, as well as Maxwell and his crew, back when all of them were part of a much larger crew called "Salvage". (Salvage broke a part a few years ago due to tragedy and other problems and many of the members went on to join other crews or make their own.) She also knows most of the Capitol's population, as well as Bancock and Reize from the East. Clare and the three know each other in reality.


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