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Cody is a technician and a fighter for Indigo Fire training under Josh.


Cody is quite muscular and can fight decently from dealing with rowdy people in his shop which was later burned by thugs. Cody usually wears hoodies and baggy pants or jeans with lots of studded belts and chains as well as his (now deceased) mother's dog tag from the war around his neck. Cody was born with black hair but dyed it blue and shaved it into a mohawk. He has piercing blue eyes and has three holes in his right ear which are usually adorned with earrings of various sizes, shapes and colors. Cody also has a small goatee which he insists must be kept neat.


Cody is a new technician and mechanic and tries his best to learn more about the subject. However, Cody always makes time for playing video games and goofing off. He has a laid back attitude but won't slack off with his work or serious matters. He grew up in the ghettos of Garnet before signing up to join Noemi's crew and made a living by fixing wrecked cars in a beaten up garage which also doubled as his personal gym.

Abilities & Powers

Cody is a pretty good fighter and technician, but he is still learning.



Cody is Kobra's boyfriend.



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