Collin is Zeke's brother, a member of the Dreyms, and an amazing cook.


He is a blond boy with a cute smile and blue eyes.


Collin tends to be ignorant in most situations. He's laid back and friendly. He talks a lot and is very funny. He has basic common sense though and on some occasions realizes things before the rest of the crew. But be warned, if you brush him a certain way he can become a terrible force to be reckoned with.


At first Dreyus didn't want Collin when he came to her claiming to be a ninja-knight thing. She was already overwhelmed with her small crew as it was. But when Collin said he was Zeke's brother he sort of had to stay. But with time Dreyus and the other Dreyms grew to really like the kid and now practically everyone on the crew protects him.

Abilities & Powers

Apparently Collin is a Night Fighter (or Ninja Knight as he phrased it) and has a sword with major blood lust. But he barely ever takes it out unless the situation is dire. So usually Collin just doesn't fight, instead cheering the rest of the crew on.


Zeke is his brother. Em is his neighbour. Douglas is his cousin. Cinnamon is his best friend. Ash is his boyfriend.


  • "It's Tea Time!"
  • "I'm a ninja-knight thing..."


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