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I'm telling you right now, it's pronounced Con-keen-sus Ver-sigh. But just call him Con or Conner for short.

Appearance and Personality

He has red frizzy hair, some freckles, and slitted green eyes. Concensuse is very relaxed and inserious. He acts like an idiot a lot of times but really he's one of the smartest people in the Aereo House. He is also Aerominn's trusted adviser. The two may seem like enemies but actually they are very close friends. He tends to get along with all sorts of people but he asks a lot of questions.

Weapons and Abilities

Despite his eccentric look, Con doesn't have any powers. he simply uses his Holy Blades to slice and dice enemies.


Mikki is his closest trouble buddy, Aerominn is his close friend, and Rynick is his go-to man.


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