There are three main Conscious types which are each extremely different. A Conscious can be a single type, a combination of two, or very rarely all three. The types are as follows: Luno, Telepath, and Adspire.


Luno is Latin for to make crescent shaped or to curve. Most people use the more obvious term for Luno and refer to them as Curves since they can easily slip through different dimensions, 'curving' through them. Most Conscious are Luno. Luno usually are able to lucid dream or be aware that they're in DD since being in their early youth. Many Luno start as Conscious very early and are more mature and knowledgeable and many choose to be Dream Guides or protectors. But this isn't always the case.

Luno can also be people who find out about the Dimension then can easily wake themselves up with little to no help. They are extremely good at staying Conscious and can access DD easily, no matter their stress levels or surroundings. These types of Luno are also good at accessing sister dimensions, such as Radix Prim. Extremely strong Luno can even call their classification a power, being able to teleport and seemingly move through the dimension without taking a single step. But these sorts of Luno are extremely rare.


Telepaths are Conscious that access the Dimension through the strength of their mind. They tend to have a harder time staying Conscious since their connection is not as solid or physical as a Luno or Adspire's. The way they connect into the Dimension is by tapping into the mental network (AKA dreams) that allows other Conscious to be able to first discover the Dimension. Sometimes they can unknowingly sense another Conscious's connection and tap into it without them realizing. This is sometimes why a group of close friends can all steadily become Conscious. But, Telepaths are more likely to enter DD through dreams, since while they sleep their mind isn't being pulled in a million directions and they can better focus. It takes practice to skillfully juggle Reality and DD at the same time if you are only a Telepath.


Adspire are Conscious who were once born in DD but then transferred over to Reality. There are two ways that can happen. The first is that this Conscious died and an unsuspecting newbie came to take up residence in the Dimension and their Consciouses became tangled and the newbie became the previously dead Conscious. (This isn't as uncommon as it may sound. These Conscious tend to be Adspires and Telepaths). Another way is that Conscious use portals to escape DD in a sense, and these Conscious end up paying the price with mental disabilities

Information From Conscious Dreaming

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