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Basic Overview

Daegon is a poorly developed city, with even more poorly developed morals, on the edge of the Outskirts. It is dirty, over populated, poor, and overall hellish.


To sum it up in one word: Craptastical. The city doesn't have proper funding so the buildings are old, rotting, and falling apart. There isn't enough space to fit all the citizens so about 30% of the population lives on the streets. Everything is cluttered with garbage, feces, and you-don't-want-to-know what else. People there also do desperate things for food and water. They pin children and adults alike up against each other and others gamble money and expensive items, trying to see who will win the match. Some sign themselves up for the fights because if you're a victor (A.K.A. you win an unrealistic amount of fights in a row) you get untold fame and wealth. But no one ever becomes a victor.

Street with arch sketch by wolfewolf-d5gopy9

Many experiments and other people trying to escape bad pasts end up here as well. There's a large rift between experiments and those with abilities and 'normals' as they call themselves. (People who have no powers at all) Many gangs are formed that are anti-freak related.

The Law

The Law in Daegon is pretty much nonexistent. Murder is a punish-less crime. It is actually such a common occurrence no one gives it a second thought. Same going for rape and theft. Rape is like a game there, and it is sickening. Theft is such a petty, common, crime that usually people are just allowed to get away with it.

There are two Crews, though, that attempt to stop the madness. One Crew is the Off Gridders, formerly led by Vector Kancela, now led by his younger brother Aaron Kancela, which caters more to experiments and the like. Then there is the Mankind Saviors, led by Lucas Salvetori, which caters more to humans. As mentioned previously segregation is a large concept in most parts of Daegon. But Mankind Saviors has recently been dwindling due to Lucas getting cocky and taking on people too large to handle.

Important Places

  • The Anouk Weaponry Base. It would be able to arm a military if need were to arise but its location is secluded and away from the public.
  • The Harlington Diner. Plenty of very important connections go there and it’s a good place to go if you’re looking for someone or something specific.
  • The Coliseum. If you want to find an experiment or deadbeat for whatever reason, it would be good to check here first. Most desperate people end up here whether they’re a gambler or a fighter.
  • The Off Gridder House. Pretty self explanatory.
  • The Salvatori Church. The remaining Mankind Saviors hang out around here.
  • There is also the town of Xantopa. It isn't actually in Daegon, but it is very close to it. On occasion, people (usually criminals) from Daegon will escape to the tiny town.


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