Dallas is Drake's older brother and is still grappling with the strangeness of DD.


He has messy dark hair, blue eyes like his brother, and always wears flashy jewelry.


Dallas is pretty laid back and relaxed but he still likes to stress how he's 'from the hood'. He gets scared pretty easily and obviously isn't used to DD and it's crazy ways. He also isn't the best liar or thief, thus the reason why he got arrested so many times. But all in all he's still a pretty good guy.


Dallas isn't a new conscious in any way, but he had been biding his time in a low-level prison for much of his early consciousness due to few minor crimes he had committed. Upon being released he was pretty shocked to see that society was a complete madhouse, and realized prison might actually be safe. But after all this time he's gotten much tougher and blends well with the dimension.

Abilities & Powers

Dallas' weapon of choice is a gun much like his brother except, Dallas is a trained sniper and he has much more skill than Drake Merwin.


Drake is his younger brother.



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