Danae is a studious girl who attends the same school as Ari.


Danae is a tall girl with pale skin and light-green eyes. She has medium-length white-blonde hair and occasionally wears large round glasses. She most commonly wears her dark navy hoodie and a crystal pendant around her neck.


Danae highly values studying and can usually be found with her nose deep in a book. She's quite intelligent and is one of the top of her class. Given her studious nature she's also very curious and tends to ask a lot of (sometimes extremely random) questions. Danae is also somewhat skittish and can be scared very easily.


Danae is highly trained in the art of summoning and witchcraft. She is capable of conjuring high-level demons in battle and is capable of an array of basic spells. She is also constantly researching new techniques and spells and is continuously improving her knowledge.


Danae is very close to Snowy and Passion, but is somewhat nervous around Io, who continuously scares her without even trying.



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