Doe's smile


Doe is the formerly eyeless motorcyclist who's Douglas' younger brother.


Doe formerly had gaping sockets for eyes, but due a complex series of events he was able to regain his eyes which are a light green colour. He also has short dark hair.


Doe usually acts pretty mellow. He doesn't like hurting people and his appearance really gets to him. He hates being scary because it makes him feel like a crook. He tries to be as kind and as gentle as possible. But if you threaten his friends or touch his motorcycle, he will act as monstrous as he looks.

Powers & Abilities

Doe doesn't really fight or use weapons, but when he does have to fight, he uses his brute strength. Oh and if you're planning on fighting him, keep your eyes covered, that's the first thing he aims for.



Doe grew up with Douglas and was born with eyes, but through some tragic and undisclosed circumstances Doe ended up losing both his eyes and getting experimented on by Lotus, thus his ability to still 'see' and the creation of his warped smile.


Douglas is his brother. Doe is pretty close to Dreyus and Em as well.


  • "Don't be scared...I'm not mean."
  • "Please keep your hands off the motorcycle."


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