Douglas is a former hitman now working for an intelligence service and is trying his hardest to make up for past wrongs.


He has deep green eyes and dark brown hair that is always kept well combed and pristine. Douglas tends to wear expensive looking clothes and keeps himself looking like a rich kid straight out of boarding school.


He's quite polite and gentlemanly, bordering on a British stereotype. He's actually a really pleasant guy, and is often judged by his past instead of his present. But he can have a sharp tongue and notable attitude. He doesn't take people's bullshit and will be blunt with you if you're asking for it. Though when his brother's involved he is the sweetest boy you'll ever know, or a dark hell, depending on what's been done to Doe.


He was a hitman hired by the Gaiaphage but he's changed his ways because of his brother. He's also no longer Zeke's bully or The Dreyms' enemy. He's begun working to reverse his past wrongs and still harbors a bit of regret.

Abilities & Powers

Douglas prefers to use long distance weapons such as guns, crossbows, and throwing knives.


Doe is his younger brother. Zeke and Collin are his cousins in reality.


  • "Don't shove your hand in my eye hole, thank you."
  • "You're looking at me as though you've never seen a boy without eyes."
  • "I am a true and proper Brit! Tea comes before murder!"
  • "Touch my brother and I stab you in the eye."


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