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Drake merwin


He is a tall boy with dark blond hair and blue eyes. He’s sixteen years old in the dream dimension.


He’s loud, rude, and insane. He always has some smart remark or snide comment. He can always be counted on to share what’s on his mind. He talks a lot of slang and weird ghetto talk. He calls Sibrel ‘Sibs’, Dreyus 'Drey', and Noemi ‘Eemi’. He is also the leader of the Ghettoteers.


Drake was a reform student from Coates Academy who got trapped in the FAYZ. When the Dreyms met the same fate Drake first followed their crew on orders from Caine. But Drake became attached to the crew and joined, briefly dating Dreyus.

Gentleman octopus charm by egyptianruin-d3ats7a

Powers & Abilities

Drake is immortal. As for his weapon of choice any gun will do. He used to have his whip hand but due to series of events he doesn’t anymore.


Cinnamon is like a son to him. Zeke is his rival. He's also Ryule's pet/victim.



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