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He has brown hair and brown eyes.


He got the nickname Dream Boy from Sibrel. Even though everyone knows his real name, Devon, they still refer to him as Dream Boy or DB. He is scared of just about everything. He is convinced he is going to die staying with the crew, but he does anyway. He is always carrying around his will and a sharpened pencil (which he swears will somehow get a start shot edged tip, he will fall onto, and stab through his heart) and often edits it in times of crisis. He seems to know just about everything, but always states he can not tell the crew. He only reveals facts when it is needed in that exact moment, whether just sitting around or in the middle of a battle. Recently we have found out that the reason he will not tell anyone anything is because he does not know. He has lost most of his files and spilt coffee on some. Great dream guide.


He was Sibrel's very first crew member and spent most of his time trying to convince her that DD was real.


He is immortal and therefore cannot die, even though he always insists that he can and will. He carries around a gun that he almost never uses.


Almost everyone uses him as a punching bag or a human shield which has caused him to become extremely skittish. He is also Ash's brother and Sibrel's "Dreamguide".


  • "I'm gonna die today, I'm going to die, we're all going to die."
  • "Aaaaaaaaaaand bloody child."


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