Theories About DD That Could Possibly Be True

We already know everything

The mind knows everything about DD but chooses to forget most of what they know in order to cope with the information.Thus, our OC's can exist in DD once we acknowledge they exist. -Dreyus

Only creative people are in DD

All the writers and creative people in the world brought upon a world where all extremely creative minds are linked where fictional characters, places, abilities, etc. are brought to life or to use. These creative people have strong minds and get into dd through lucid dreaming or seeing it in their minds. The dimension is shared by strong and open-minded, creative people. The number of conscious is dropping, supposedly. Maybe this is because some aspects of Reality is already like DD. Reality is changing a lot, with a lot of new technology and a lot of things are acceptable in Reality that would never have been acceptable many years ago, such as getting one's entire face pierced. Murderers are getting more brutal with killings, military weapons are becoming more dangerous, the overall feeling of Reality is becoming more dangerous. Maybe the creativeness of the people has been taken out of them since so many wild things are already happening? Maybe this will lead to a dimension crash? The questions are endless, but it's best not to panic about the dropping conscious numbers... The cause could be something else and Reality is still extremely far away from becoming like DD. -Noemi

There aren't many conscious because of fear

As humans we have a desire to know all we possibly can, even though in most cases we can't know everything. Therefore, when presented with something new, and unfamiliar, like DD, people are confused, and scared. To avoid such feelings, they ignore such a place exists. It's better to ignore it and embrace sameness than risk being different and unsafe. -Heather

Reality and the Dream Dimension are slowly crashing

As noticed, DD has had more of a presence within Reality. We are highly effected by DD here, more so then before it seems. Conscious wake up with small scratches and bruises or scars that they received in DD, things going on in DD effect them greatly here. Could the dimensions be crashing, but slowly? Some people's minds have already adjusted to their DD mindset, sometimes things wrong with them in DD go wrong with them in Reality. Maybe the dimensions are morphing together, but at a gradual rate. It is a thought to ponder and something we should definitely keep an eye on. Even if it isn't happening now, maybe it will happen in the future. -Noemi

The Threat of the Imagination

Now, imagination isn't a bad thing, but when in the hands of a not so morally right conscious or fresh newbie it can be dangerous. These people can create ridiculous OCs that could become hard to keep in line, and they may be able to give themselves ludicrous things just by thinking about it hard enough. It's best to remember that some people are best left in fanfictions, and some items best worked hard for. It is said that if a conscious chooses to disobey this law and bring something or someone into dd that does not follow the dimension's rules, the dimension simply erases them and their creation(s) and they become an unconscious; sometimes under the impression that they're still a conscious. The dream dimension may give us the power to imagine things, but this privalige must not be abused for the good of the dimension and the conscious within. -Zeke and Noemi

The Fast-Crash Theory

Although there is a theory on the dimensions slowly crashing, other types of crashes could occur. One of them being a fast crash where the dimensions will ultimately merge in a fast crash and cause utter anarchy upon both worlds. It is unknown what will happen to conscious in Reality, but it is thought that they will take on their dd forms. Some say they would become a combination of their dd and Reality forms. Others even claim that Real conscious might be able to shift from their Reality form to their dd form in the new world, or just simply die in the crash. This would obviously be extremely dangerous, but could be an asset in many ways as well. The two dimensions are very different, one of the major differences being that the dream dimension is easily manipulated by the mind (especially a creative one) and Reality is not. If the two were to merge, an endless amount of problems would occur. Pointing to the the threat of imagination, conscious might be able to control Reality-based people and forces with their minds and would ultimately cause chaos on top of the sudden shock of the merger. -Noemi

How we exist in both dimensions

Many people, especially new Conscious may question, "How do we exist in both dimensions, this is not possible! You just claim you see it in your head! This is crazy, it can't be real!" And they are right on the last note, DD is not REAL. REAL is a word to describe Reality and Reality-based things/people/creatures. However, this is because in Reality, there is logic. There is logic to DD too, but it is entirely different. It all comes down to existence. How can you prove you exist in Reality? In two ways: 1. Thinking you exist 2. Saying you exist. "Cogito Ergo Sum" is a Latin phrase by philosopher René Descartes, translating to English as "I think, therefore I am." Thinking is what causes you to exist, being a sentient being with emotions and the ability to have thoughts means you exist. Is this not what happens in DD? I can think of a completely unoriginal quote that fits for Conscious: "I think I exist in the dream dimension, therefore I do." And it is completely and utterly true.

Conscious access the dream dimension with their minds, they go there in their dreams and thoughts, therefore they exist there. People think they exist in Reality as fleshy human beings controlled by logic and the Earth they live on, therefore they do. Reality is extremely simple compared to other dimensions and other places, we have science and logic to explain why things exist here and we only see things that we deem can exist in our little Reality dimension/Earth. Things can only come from Earth and the planets in vast space, according to Reality science. However, DD is more complicated and people there have the freedom to control things with their minds. Reality Conscious get in because they stray off the path of simple logic and science and go deeper, they are able to pass through the fabric of another dimension in their minds and exist in both places. Conscious, or Curves particularly, can travel to other worlds easily since their minds can handle it- Thus why there are many Curves: If you can go into one dimension/world/relm, why not another? Mundane Reality-goers cannot comprehend that another dimension exists, or that they are subconsciously there. They only think about the world they were born into and dismiss the possibility that more exist. We all exist in some form in every dimension, even if we are not awakened there yet. Basically, it comes down to something very simple. Mundane people in any dimension/world/relm stay by their own logic and chose not to believe in other options or other places with other rules and beings. This is completely okay, as it is their natural instinct to stay in their dimension/world/relm. Thus why not everyone is Conscious or Mundane.

Only a select few have the creative, wandering brains that allow themselves to exist in other places, and that's okay too. It just means they seek more than their birthplace and eventually their minds wander to the door of DD. They open it, and their Unconscious form wakes up. Their history is written already, destiny had already chosen them to be able to access the possibility of DD. Whether you are Unconscious or Mundane, living out your life in the place you were born or Conscious and experiencing two (or more, who knows?) different places in any form, it is completely up to you. But in order to enter any dimension/world/relm, you must think you are there. You must have the knowledge that you exist in that particular place in order to wake up or go there, which is common sense. How do you go somewhere if you do not already know and think you are there? That is how people exist in both places- By being born in one place and opening doors to others. There could be people traveling to endless different worlds right now for all we know, for the universe is infinite. Reality Conscious go about their days in two dimensions as usual, going by their own logic. Perhaps there is a limit to how many dimensions one can see, perhaps there is not. Many chose not to complicate things further, which is quite a wise choice if your body and mind are not meant to handle going to such other places.

So if you want to travel to other places, start opening those doors in your mind. Conscious have opened two, possibly three (if you live in the Aother, the dimension between Reality and DD, you know of three different dimensions) doors. Unconscious are stuck to their birth dimension. Also, even if you know another place exists, you aren't necessarily there in the mind. Just because you know a place exists or possibly exists, doesn't mean you want to go there. Not only that, but even if you want to go there you might not apply to that dimension's logic or rules or you may have problems in your mind and cannot go there.

Every world has it's own rules- even those who seem like they do not. As long as enough people believe they are there, it is a world. Conscious survive because there are enough of us to power DD. Enough people are there to communicate, make society, and the world does not collapse since people think they are there. It is active because of the Conscious. At least, that's my take on a theory. -Noemi.

The Dreamscape Theory

What if our hold on ‘Reality’ is warped? What if Reality is in fact a figment of our minds? If, instead, the Dream Dimension is the true Reality? The basic concept of this theory is that what if Reality is actually a dreamscape for Dream Dimension exclusives (Those who have been born in the Dimension and exist only there) and to be truly Conscious is to realise you are stuck in said dreamscape.What if everyone was Conscious once but the Unconscious became caught up in the dreamscape and have forgotten that they’re asleep? This would explain the reasoning behind ‘Conscious’ and ‘Unconscious’. Unconscious actually references the comatose state someone enters upon entering the dreamscape, not solely the fact that they aren’t aware of alternate planes of existence. 

But to focus on the dreamscape itself, perhaps it was created through a magical bond millennia ago, things went astray and Conscious began getting tapped and forgetting their true lives. They built civilizations and such, and as time went on more Conscious stumbled upon this dreamscape and got stuck in it. The reasoning behind the creation of the dreamscape, though, isn’t very hard to theorise. It may have been created as a simple sanctuary from the complex stress of average Dream Dimension life. Or, if we were to get more scientific, maybe at one point in time the Conscious mind was much weaker, so weak that it needed a simplistic sister dimension to travel to at night as to prevent strain on the psyche. In fact, the Conscious mind may still need this sister dimension.

It’s already confirmed that a large majority of Conscious with complex and strong powers tend to deteriorate mentally. Also, if a Conscious becomes too over-powered they instantaneously go Unconscious. What if them going Unconscious is a natural protection put in place by their mind to send them back to a simplistic existence where their psyche can recover?

But refocusing on the entire reasoning of ‘Conscious’ and ‘Unconscious’, perhaps there are only really two types of Conscious. For the sake of this being a developing theory we’ll simply names these types Non-Dreamscape and True Conscious. Non-Dreamscape are our Dream Dimension exclusives. These people may be so strong mentally they have no need for the simplicity of ‘Reality’. True Conscious, on the other hand, have found a balance between the two dimensions and can exist in ‘Reality’ without getting completely sucked into the charade.

An additional note that helps to support this theory is the age gaps between an individual’s Dream Dimension and ‘Reality’ ages. Your Dream Dimension age is your true age. Your ‘Reality’ age begins from the time you got stuck. This can explain why Conscious are usually mentally older. It also makes sense as to why individuals in the Dimension are ausually older than in Reality.

This theory is still in the works and is subject to expansion at any given moment. -Fox

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