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Anya (Awn-ya)

(Noun) A traitorous liar

Example: Emma is a complete anya, she's been keeping such secrets and lying to us for the longest.


Bloglurk (Blogg-lerk):

(Verb) To lurk through old blogs on the wiki and get pulled into nostalgia from all the preserved memories.

Example: When Noemi was on the wiki alone, she began to bloglurk to pass the time and got some serious feels looking at the old comments on the Resurrection Blog.

Bullshittery (Buhl-shi-teh-ree):

(Noun) Something that is so dumb you can't understand it. (Must be spoken in American southern accent.)

Example: "What time is it?" Noemi asked. "It's HA-NOON!" replied Juni. "That's some bullshittery, it's only 3pm!" Noemi rolled her eyes.


Calix (Cal-icks):

(Verb) To be magical or to create magic.

Example: When she caught that falling plate perfectly she demonstrated real calix.

Calixical (Cal-icks-ih-cal):

(Adjective) Magical

Example: The magician was truly calixical.

Christina (Kris-teen-ah)

(Noun) Someone who stresses a lot

Example: He's always such a christina when it comes to tests.

Collin (caw-linn):

(Verb) To have superior culinary skill and experience

Example: She cooks brownies so well, she's simply collin at it.

Cwag (Kwuh-ag):

(Adjective) To be cute and swaggy at the same time

Example: A kitten wearing a tiny snapback would be so cwag my eyes would explode.


Dimensionstuck (Duh-men-shun-stuk)

(Adjective) Being physically stuck in one dimension, world, or relm.

Example: It used to be believed that Guardians in the Guardian Realm were dimensionstuck and couldn't leave, but Leet proved them wrong when she left through the portal easily.

Drake (Draey-ck)

(Noun) (Adjective) Someone who is really ghetto or the act of being really ghetto.

Example(s): 1. T.J. acts very drake when he hits the streets in his new ferarri. 2. Sometimes Sizzle sounds like such a drake when he talks after spending time with his ghetto friends and picks up some of their lingo.

Dreamtism (Drehmt-izm)

(Noun) A religion based on DD's trinity. Mal as the satanicky Satan, Innes as the innocent cherry blossom God, and Aaron as the kawaii guardian Angel. All three are worshiped and not seen as most Reality-goers interpret them.

Example: Dreamtism is probably the most unwarm religion there is, and the truest according to DD.



Fallen (Fall-en):

(Adjective) Blunt or insensitive

Example: She was very fallen when telling the woman her son had died, reducing the woman to erratic tears.

Fwug (F-wuh-g):

(Adjective) The words fabulous, swag, and thug mixed together. An adjective used to describe something that is fabulous but thug at the same time.

Example: Alex looked very fwug in the selfie she took with Noemi because her nails were on fleek and she also looked ready to fuck someone up.



Hope Bagels (Hoe-p Bay-gells)

(Noun) A special kind of bagel that Komaeda is obsessed with, it is said that whoever eats one becomes hopeful and lucky

Example: For someone who gambles a lot, I make sure to eat lots of hope bagels to increase the chances of my success.


Impregable (ihm-prehg-ah-ble):

(Adjective) A made up word that means not able to be pregnant.

Example: Lotus was made impregable by Maia after she tortured her newest daughter.


Lotus (Low-tus):

(Adjective) Someone who is acting like a very metaphorical bitch

Example: Gabby was very lotus today, talking behind people's backs and taking things that didn't belong to her.


Mal (Mahl):

(Adjective) Freakishly tall

Example: Some basketball players are very mal.

Memeproval (Meem-proo-vahl):

(Noun) Memeproval is the act of approving a meme of a considerable level of dankness. Usually given out by meme masters and does not apply to all memes. If a meme is not dank enough, it would be a disgrace to give it memeproval.

Example: Juniper's new Alolan Exeggutor meme was so dank, Alex and Noemi told her that Jamie would definitely give it his memeproval when he saw it.

Memetry (Meem-tree):

(Noun) Memetry is the art of producing dank memes.

Example: Jamie is very gifted in the art of memetry, and it is best not to underestimate the dankness of his memes.

Myroshina (Mye-row-sheen-ah):

(Noun) An extreme fan who resembles a rapist and completely immerses themselves in their fandom.

Example: Kate's been acting like a myroshina lately because all she does is sit around and daydream about those nasty lemons she read.


Nishi (Nee-shee) (Noun) (Adjective) Someone who acts like a basic white girl or overly girly.

Example: 1. Reenee seemed tough at first but she's actually very nishi. 2. Regan acts like such a nishi since he claims that he wouldn't be able to get through his day without a sugary Starbucks coffee or listening to One Direction.


Ollie (Awh-lee):

(Adjective) Describing something inappropriate, often a lemon

Example: Lindsey said her story was appropriate, but when I read it I discovered that it was very ollie.


Peony (Pe-o-nee):

(Noun) Someone who is a vengeful bitch for no reason

Example: That girl is such a peony; she tried to sabotage us by posting hateful comments on another wiki and linking them to our's!


Ryule (Rye-ool)

(Adjective) To be unrealistically cruel.

Example: Drowning a puppy was such a ryule thought, it never even crossed Janet's mind.


Sadao Slap (Saa-doe slaap)

(Noun) To bitch slap sassily

Example: When Mal suggested that two children have intercourse he was Sadao Slapped across the face.

Sadao (Saa-doe)

(Adjective) To not give a shit about anything no matter the situation

Satanicky (Say-tahn-ik-ee)

(Adjective) The Dreamt way to describe something that is satanic.

Example: Malphas is a very satanicky Satan who approves satanic thongs. (Say that five times fast for bonus points.)

Sculptist (Skulp-tist)

(noun) Someone who sculpts according to Sibrel.

Example: Leonardo Da Vinci was sculptist.

Sleep-Drunk (sleep-druhnk)

(Adjective) The state of being so tired you act drunk. A less-severe version of sleep-wasted.

Example: Noemi was so sleep-drunk she asked Zeke to make her purple toast for breakfast.

Sleep-Wasted (sleep-waih-stead)

(Adjective) The state of being so tired you act wasted drunk. Not to be confused with sleep-drunk, if you're sleep-wasted there is no hope of you knowing what's going on around you and you need rest immediately.

Example: Sibrel, Noemi, and Alex were so sleep-wasted from eating sweets and staying up all night that they ended up sleeping on the floor with the TV and lights still on and remembered almost nothing in the morning after their sleepover.

Spoopy (Spoo-pee)

(Adjective) To be scary or spooky, but with more humorous context

Example: When the Wiki turned black and white for a few minutes, Raph found it very spoopy and fled chat.



Unwoke (Uhn-w-ohk)

(Adjective) Someone who is unwoke is simply not woke, or educated on modern society or problems. They are not in touch with the current generation and would not be considered wise.

Example: "The seraphs are unwoke because they rejected the love and support of our lord."


Vegetable Insecurities (Vehj-tehbil Inn-sehk-yoor-ii-tees)

(Noun) Vegetable insecurities are types of insecurities that revolve around one comparing their appearance or personality (but more likely, appearance) to a sort of vegetable or even a fruit. Adjectives may be included before the vegetable or fruit in question for emphasis.

Example: "I'm such an ugly parsnip," Noemi whined, annoyingly. Everyone else rolled their eyes and told her to stop embracing her vegetable insecurities.


Wrongfuckular (Rawng-fuk-yoo-larr):

(Adjective) A word combining wrong, fuck, and spectacular. It is used to describe something that is wrong and fucked over at the same time.

Example: Everything that happened to me today was just downright wrongfuckular.

Wexy (Whecks-ee):

(Adjective) A word to describe something/someone that is weird and sexy at the same time.

Example: Dr. Van Wesel is just so WEXY!




Zenith (Zenn-ith):

(Noun) A pervert and/or molester with few morals

Example: That man is looking at you like a zenith.

Zeked (Zee-kd):

(Verb) The act of pushing someone or something down the stairs whether it be on purpose, an accident, or on purpose and disguised as an accident.

Example: Kuro was upset that Akira used his hair straightener without asking so he zeked her so bad she ended up falling through the first floor.

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