I have a long story that I’m going to shorten for you all dramatically. I got a letter from Alicia (she’s the Librarian at the School) saying that there was something found that I might be interested in. I went to the Library alone since I didn’t think it was necessary for my crew to come too.

Anyway I get there and Alicia has a book. A book about prominent Conscious figures. I start to look through it and my heart stops. There were two people in that book who really caught my eye. Her name was Rendeev. Yes, Rendeev. She was all three, a breakout, curve, and telepath. But here is the really interesting thing. She was a leader and the make up of her crew is extremely similar to mine. And by similar I mean EXACTLY THE SAME. The names were similar too. Zenya, Cory, Malack, just to name a few. She married a man in the dream dimension but he disappeared about thirty years later. And get this, Rendeev became an Elder.

Then there was Andrea Rendeev. She is very similar to Rendeev, only that her crew was three people short. So, three people were either missing or she never found them. Is this clicking for any of you? Sibrel please tell me this is clicking. Anyway she became an elder too. BUT Andrea married a man named Jairus. No last name given. He disappeared too. But later he came back only to die in a horrific accident.

Anyway I feel none of you are getting my point. RENDEEV. Her husband disappeared 30 years after the marriage. 30 years after my grandmother and grandfather married was about the time my Grandfather began showing signs of dimensia. Get it?

As for Andrea…her husband died so obviously she can’t be my mother. She has to be either my aunt Angela or Eva. I thought this AT FIRST. But I did a little digging (A.K.A. I asked to look at my birth certificate) and my father, I found out, is named Jamie. Still not getting it? Deaths can be faked, so the gaiaphage can be Jairus. But here is the real reason. Dimension names are spoofs of reality names. My grandmother’s maiden name is Rosmanio. Rendeev is pretty similar. And my mom is named Sandra. ANDRA. Pretty similar to Andrea. My name is Adriana. DRI becomes DREY which converts to Dreyus. Jamie is REALLY similar to Jairus.

Also with the last name thing…Rendeev is the maternal last name that runs in the family. Meaning only women get the last name. I guess to help keep track of generations. But if there’s no women? The guy’s current last name becomes the new maternal name. But I think my grandma was different. She was the first conscious of her bloodline.

Also our crews are PLANNED CENTURIES IN ADVANCE. Bloodlines always group together. That explains the whole Zenya Zyla shit. (I think my mother’s was Zenaida) But the weird thing is Cinnamon’s. His goes Spice then Pepper. BUT HE ISN’T RELATED TO EITHER. Spice was killed at 17. She had no children. Pepper was killed at 15. He never married. So careful planning was used to keep consistency. Though the other odd thing…My mom was missing 3 people yet she still became an elder. That means Calix, Anthousa, and Iris are WILD CARDS. Their purpose needs to be discovered. They’re subjective.

Anyway both my mother and grandmother are elders. It runs in the family. The question is will I become one?

(I’m also surprised I came up with all this shit. How did I make these fucking connections?)


met aaron and his crew...he is so cute!!!!!

11 - 27 - 14

we're having an interesting thanksgiving.....

December 26, 2014

I feel so nostalgic, listening to all this chillstep and scrolling through the wiki.

Last night I saw a group of angry conscious carrying Peony and Azilla through the town on stakes...they were going to burn them for their crimes. But I stopped them. Maybe it was look in Peony's eyes, or the fact that Azilla seemed so lost, that made me want to keep them alive. Lotus messed them up, but they did commit crimes...still, if we start burning people at the stake our world will become as screwed up as it was before. So for now I'm letting Ash keep an eye on them. We'll discuss legalities later.

December 30, 2014

Mal is practically dead and his father is trying to knock some sense into him, and even though he seems utterly pissed I can tell Mal's Dad is actually really worried. Mal refuses to eat, and even when his dad crams some food down his throat Mal just throws it back up. We can easily count all the bones in his spine and ribs and his clothes are suddenly too big for him and I am so very scared. At this rate he is going to die.

january 16 2015

a lot happened...aaron almost died but then we found out he's actually an immortal immortal angel aka starshots cant kill him and thats it really for now.....

January 17 2015

Sadao got super pissed when Aaron and Noemi tried to take his pets back and the kid tried to commit suicide. But he was saved and Aaron made the decision of bringing the kids and his crew back with him to Daegon for now. Mal has also broken a hole through the first floor ceiling of the cafe. Emmet can jump down from his room using the hole and land on one of the tables below, now. We just keep breaking the ceiling....

january 22 2015

we're going to be starting the mission for hope's peak with star set on saturday...cant wait to get rid of junko and aaron got into an incident not only with a past villain of his but also with a handsy creepy fangirl who was able to escape....i have a feeling that we'll see her turn up somewhere again

january 24, 2015

how did I know about that creepy fangirl? anyway, seems we may be stuck with Juzo and Nishiki (yay) who are both from tokyo ghoul and dont get along AT ALL. we're also heading up to hope's peak tonight, hopefully a majority of the students are alive when we get there. I'm also unsure of how we'll take out monokuma...but we'll cross that bridge when we get there

January 25, 2015

we rescued Naegi, Kirigiri, Asahina, Sakura, Togami, Genocider, and Owada from Hope's Peak...there might be others still somewhere but for now they're all we got.

February 25, 2015

Monokuma is now fucking with our lives...meanwhile Monomi is crying in the cupboard

March 1, 2015

Secrets mysteries and puzzles that's all I'm gonna say. Apparently we have Doe back, but he's now in his kid form from before his eyes were ripped out. He doesn't remember who resurrected him, but he remembers that he died. We're happy that he's back but, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding this. There was a note attached to the box he was sent in: To a friend, from a friend K.J.R.H. For now we're assuming K.J.R.H is a person (people?) since we haven't been able to create a sensible phrase using the letters. We've asked everyone and no one knows who could've resurrected Doe, and they would've had to have seen a picture of Doe as a kid to return him to us in his childhood body. It's all really suspicious, but Nadeen, Alissa, and Kyoya all are positive that he doesn't have any strange substances in his blood, and that he isn't being mind controlled, and he isn't bugged. Still, that note was just oozing suspicion.

March 5, 2015

Welcome to Miss Rendeev's School for the Kids of the Crew and Dyslexic Demons! Mal can write backwards at least so as long as you have a mirror his writing is legible. Also, apparently Mal can't count higher than 100. -.- He's gonna take A LOT of work. Also zero progress with KJRH, but I haven't given up. Doe's starting to remember little things.

April 5, 2015

So Mal is being super strict and religious today and he keeps rambling on about Jesus...We've also discovered that Doe has some feelings for Iris, but the question is, does she have feelings back? I hope she doesn't break his heart. And also, Sadao has started creeping out at night to meet a certain someone and I find it kind of sweet.


Also I am so very very very happy to tell you all that the wonderful Sadao Horrace Mortiver is alive and well and he will continue to grace us all with his presence for many more years to come. He is just simply too precious and wonderful and I don't know if we could've continued living without him.

June 5, 2015

Never ask Satan to fight. He will school you to oblivion.

July 4, 2015

My God, I need to be a lot more consistent with this thing. The thing is I just keep forgetting or nothing happens really. And well, if you all were wondering, the whole reason I was standing outside my house at 1 am talking to Death is that he was telling me about how someone keeps 'messing with the logs' as he put it. AKA someone is saving A LOT of lives which isn't a bad thing...the only thing is that Death has no clue who the fuck it is or how they're doing it. He also talked to me about one other that I need to really think over before I talk yeah, nothing too new in the neighborhood.

July 23, 2015

Well Douglas has a pet dinosaur wonderful.

July 25, 2015

Well things seem to be well for now... Arc's got a girlfriend, Aaron made a kawaii mess with chocolate, and Douglas has named his dinosaur Lance.

August 12, 2015

Well we got a nice visit from some more FNAF people (yay) but they shortly left. Also Mal went and talked to some little demon kids and was asked some awkward as hell questions. Oh and the Dastardly and Daring Kevin has begun training with Fallen as well.

November 11, 2015

*Gives log a sideways glance* Well. Seems Zennith has a child. Let's all now scream at him for being negligent.

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