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Dreyus is the leader of the Dreyms and one of Moxidius' leaders.


She is roughly 15 years old and has dark hair and blue eyes. This is not her natural appearance. Dreyus first dyed her hair at Romeo's mansion in the shadow dimension in an attempt to become less recognizable. People still recognize her but Dreyus keeps her look the same because she has grown fond of it.


Dreyus isn't much of a fighter, she is more of an inspirational leader. But don't be fooled, if she needs to fight she will. Dreyus is very kind and passionate and merciful as well as smart and strong willed and independent. But, she can also be sassy and stubborn. She is also semi-motherly to many of her crew members.



Dreyus has been conscious ever since she was very young. She first discovered what she was when she found Ash living in her basement. He offered her assistance and explained what the Dream Dimension was. From that point forward she began to collect crew members.

Abilities and Powers

Dreyus does have an ability that allows her to convince people to do anything she wants (persuasion) though this power is very undeveloped and barely used. She tends to use her fast thinking much more often. her weapons of choice are the bow and arrow and the bow staff. She's very skilled with both.


Ash and Peony are her older cousins. Amarie is her younger cousin. Bailey is a close friend of hers in Reality.


  • "Mercy isn't weakness, it's strength."
  • "[Insert name] I swear to Aaron, if you don't stop I will slap you senseless."
  • "Respect."
  • "I want to be profound right now but I just can't be."
  • "I love you all like family, but sometimes I also want to slap you all."
  • "Go file a complaint to the fuck that I don't give." -Dreyus, 2015
  • "Just you diddly darnit fucking wait-" -Dreyus, 2017


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